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What did you think of uCarmen/Midsummer Night’s Dream?

Thank you for joining us for the return of South Africa’s Isango Ensemble to Boston!

Whether you saw uCarmen or A Midsummer Night’s Dream, we hope you enjoyed the unique experience of seeing this company interpret these western classics into wholly South African events.

Did you see the company the last time they were here? What surprised you most about what you saw?

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“ArtsEmerson's work in its entirety is focused on helping us understand our world, our place in it and how we each can contribute to its transformation. We put the world on stage and screen with the passionate belief that the arts belong to everyone. As we enter our 2015/16 Season, we invite you to join us as we explore how to make this vision of inclusivity a reality. We want to take you to places you have not been, in ways you could not anticipate, with a room full of strangers (who are your neighbors) to sort it all out. Let us begin to rediscover our community through the shared experience of art and conversation.”

– ArtsEmerson Leadership Team