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Mexican Noir Film: A Look into Premeditation’s Influences

by Camila Cornejo-Schilling
"A woman and a man meet at a hotel room to plan a murder. Esmeralda wants to kill her husband; Mauricio is the hit-man she hires to carry out the task. In the parking lot of the same hotel, Esmeralda’s husband, Fernando, and Lydia, the hit-man’s wife, meet to find out the truth behind their spouses’ mysterious rendezvous. When the four characters find themselves in the same room, all hell breaks loose.

Premeditation invites audiences into a noir-inspired comedy that reflects on the reality many married couples have to face after years of being together. When we talked to Premeditation’s writer and actress Evelina Fernandez, she told us that Premeditation’s style was highly influenced by old-school Mexican noir films. Mexican noir films feature stories about crimes of passion, jealousy and betrayal. Among Mexico’s Golden Age classics that influenced Premeditation are “Crepúsculo,” “La Otra,” and “La Diosa Arrodillada.”"

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