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BAAFF Short Films II


Hare Rama Hare Krishna

The second of three collections of short films showcasing stories from various Asian American cultures and communities. The films include: Excess Baggage, Healthy, Sweetly Broken, Dawn, Unmentionables, Bollywood Invasions, Lil Tokyo Reporter

OCT 26 @ 4:00PM

Special Guest Appearances by Directors D. B. Cheng (Excess Baggage), Gary Condes (Healthy), Chung Lam (Sweetly Broken), Leon Le (Dawn), Michael Shu (Unmentionables), Shaan Dasani (Bollywood Invasion), and Jeffrey Gee Chin (Lil Tokyo Reporter).

  • Excess Baggage

    A romantic comedy about a couple about to break up for all the wrong reasons. When Brian (Richard Jin Namkung) falls asleep during Jane's (Julie Zhan) spoken word performance, it sets off a huge argument where the couple questions their relationship.
  • Healthy

    When Mai, a thirty year old British-Vietnamese woman finds herself stuck with an impossible problem during a family dinner, she goes to desperate measures to cover it up. When Hung, a handsome suitor whose company is thrust upon her by her persistent mother, turns up, she quickly pulls him into her world. Could he be her knight in shining armour?
  • Sweetly Broken

    A boy puppet falls in love with a girl puppet. In a cruel twist of fate, they are separated when they are purchased by different people. When they chance upon each other again, the boy puppet does everything in his power to return to her side.
  • Dawn

    After Tye detects what he considers to be a racist glance from a stranger on the night train, a confrontation ensues. Before it's over, Tye discovers a shocking truth about his own family. 'Dawn' tells the story of two strangers who have more in common than they first suspect.
  • Unmentionables

    Ray, a young man that frequents the local laundromat, is doing his laundry as he observes the lives of those around him. He soon witnesses the dark pasts of two individuals and is forced to make a decision that will have resounding effects.
  • Bollywood Invasion

    As a kid, Rahul hated it when his mom would pressure him to impress house guests with dance moves, especially since he couldn't dance. Now in college, Rahul's found his groove in the classroom and out of the spotlight. One evening, while going to his car, he crosses paths with a group of student dancers practicing for a big Bollywood dance competition that's just days away. Among them is Sonia, a beautiful and confident dancer to whom Rahul is immediately drawn. Following a challenge by her arrogant co-captain, Sonia recruits Rahul onto the team. He may be willing to learn the steps, but the question is will Rahul be able to overcome his fear of the spotlight in time for the big show?
  • Lil Tokyo Reporter

    “Lil Tokyo Reporter” is a short film set in 1935 Los Angeles based on the life of Civil Rights Leader and Newspaperman Sei Fujii. While the country struggles through the Great Depression, the Japanese American community unites for survival. Sei Fujii’s law partner uncovers the ill intentions of the local mafia. Fujii must make a decision between the saving face his community and confronting the issue head on. Based on a true story.

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Film Information

OCT 26 @ 4pm

  • Location Bright Family Screening Room
  • Running Time 95 minutes