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BAAFF Short Films III


Hare Rama Hare Krishna

The third of three collections of short films showcasing stories from various Asian American cultures and communities. The films include: So Are You Chinese, Keye Luke, Wild Wild West, At Your Convenience, …Or Die, Color Theory, Advantageous.

OCT 27 @ 1:00PM

Special Guest Appearances by Directors Yvonne Ng (So Are You Chinese?), Timothy Tau (Keye Luke), and Minhae Shim & Daniel Roth (Color Theory).

  • So Are You Chinese

    Cynthia Yee is an alumnus and former teacher of the Josiah Quincy School. During the Boston Busing Crisis, children from different communities were forced to learn outside of their own in the name of desegregation. This story shares an experience of how students bused to Chinatown were able to understand their new community.
  • Keye Luke

    "A mix of stage play, Hollywood re-enactment and historical lesson" as well as "a quality short film, period" (Film Threat), Keye Luke is an examination and celebration of the life and early career of Keye Luke, an artist, painter and pioneering actor most known for playing the original Kato in the 1940s Green Hornet, the All-American "Number One Son" in the Charlie Chan films, and Detective James Lee Wong in the Phantom of Chinatown. With over 200+ films/TV shows under his belt, Luke went on to star as Master Po in "Kung Fu" and Mr. Wing in the Gremlins films. The film is a hybrid of the documentary, narrative and stage play genres, and focuses on Mr. Luke's earlier life and work, as well as his friends, his family and his other pioneering colleagues.
  • Wild Wild West

    Nuyorasian bad girl music project "Slanty Eyed Mama"'s first music video explores the divide between families of immigrants whose transfer to the West causes a split in identity between them and their relatives in the Eastern World. Using footage shot in Indonesia by lead singer Lady K-sian on a visit to her mother's homeland, interspersed with performances in an old west town out in desert of Southern California.
  • At Your Convenience

    Randall Bang and Dwayne Lewis are two life-long friends. Together, they own and operate "At Your Convenience," a local neighborhood convenience store. Things go awry when Randall begins to suspect Dwayne may have joined a local gang, leaving Randall to fend for himself. Not the best of decision makers, Randall falls in with with the crack community. Both in over their heads, they must rely on their friendship to make it out alive.
  • …Or Die

    A trio of brown actors are excited to make a comic internet video with a leading producer... until they learn just what it entails. A look at what the brown actor in Hollywood has to deal with, and to some extent may need to endure to have a career.
  • Color Theory

    Color Theory is an experimental short film that weaves together concepts of memory, visuality, and racial identity through the lens of one couple’s relationship. The film emerges from a 33-day cross-country road trip through the United States, and subsequent aftermath of reconstructing the experience. The film combines travel footage and stills, archival footage, and performed scenes. Color Theory is a “stream of consciousness film” that explores the relationships that people have with one another, with their country, and with their own psychological processes.
  • Knots in my Shoes

    An autobiographical short focusing on the filmmaker’s experiences growing up as an Asian American with cerebral palsy disability. Facing discrimination, prejudgment, and racism as a child. The filmmaker states, “I went through a suicidal phase; wanting to give up because of the consequences I faced being disabled. I'll share my story from the unique knots of my shoes.”
  • Advantageous

    Gwen is a spokeswoman for a radical new technology that allows people to overcome there natural disadvantages and begin life anew. But when her job and family are in crisis, will she undergo the procedure herself?

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Film Information

OCT 27 @ 1pm

  • Location Bright Family Screening Room
  • Running Time 86 minutes