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Birth Breath Bride Elizabeth

Sleeping Weazel

Birth Breath Bride Elizabeth

Mary Shelley-Breath, a “mad” academic, gives birth to a newly imagined post-feminist manifesto that re-mixes Frankenstein with Princess Diana, Elvis Presley, and a young bride's hope to have the cake of her dreams. The zany mash-up of topics and social criticism provides an experience unlike any audiences have seen before. This inventive solo piece is as much a crackpot lecture gone awry as it is a tour-de-force performance of one woman’s need to name and tame the hungry id roaming unchecked inside us all. Boston’s own fringe theatre company Sleeping Weazel delivers a quirky and lively performance of Kenneth Prestininzi’s Birth Breath Bride Elizabeth to The Next Thing festival.


Under playwright Charlotte Meehan’s direction, Sleeping Weazel explores and engages novel approaches to developing, presenting and exhibiting new art—multimedia theatre, interdisciplinary installations, performance events, music, poetry and video/audio. They present work that crosses and confounds the boundaries of “mainstream” and “avant-garde” as well as boundaries between art forms. Based in Boston and fanning out virtually across the globe via their cyber art gallery, projects include individual and collaborative productions in the theatre, on DVD, CD and Vimeo, at readings, audio-theatre concerts and performance events. For more information on their shows and to view exhibitions in their cyber art gallery, please visit www.sleepingweazel.com.

Cast & Creative

Starring Stephanie Burlington Daniels
Written & Directed by Kenneth Prestininzi
Costume Designer Clinton O'Dell
Stage Manager Rebecca Finkelstein

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Show Information

FEB 22 - 23, 2013

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