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Directed and Written by John Hickey

Hare Rama Hare Krishna

Hickey was a field producer for Vanguard correspondent Mariana Van Zeller who reached out to Hickey last December, after reading about his writing and directing the autobiographic OxyMorons. The Current team had already started to investigate opiate subculture around Greater Boston, but hit a wall in accessing the underworld where pills are sold and trafficked. Hickey agreed to assist. In the least, he could help sound alarms about the epidemic that's poisoned countless people in his universe. Hickey maintains himself as one of Boston's most colorful characters — that's vividly illustrated in the Vanguard documentary. But the latest leg of his journey s is taken is fully distributed cult film along with his out of his mind one of a kind story to deter prescription opiate abuse and heroin to high schools and colleges along with a GED he got in jail and is now an award winning - writer, director, actor producer and the face of OxyMorons a film that showcases the collateral damage this current drug epidemic has caused and Hickey's voice as redemption to get out of that world.

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Two years ago there was a force of Charlestown native Johnny Hickey, and his metamorphosis from Oxycontin bandit, to aspiring filmmaker. In the time since, his feature-length hometown tragedy, OxyMorons, had a successful two-month test screening at Showcase Cinemas in Revere, where it placed second in the theater's box-office sales in its first week of showing.

Now begins the national leg of Hickey's mission to preach Oxy prevention. On Saturday December 6th, at 6 pm OxyMorons will take it's second wind screening at the historic bam-in-your-face Paramount Theater backed by the Arts-Emerosn team and a live Q&A for which Hickey serves as a guide through the Bay State's prescription-pill addiction.

Saturday, December 6 at 6pm

Reception with Spectrum Bar and Music
Bright Family Screening Room

Please join us for a special reception before we screen the movie OxyMorons !

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FEB 6 @ 8 PM
free admission

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  • Location Bright Family Screening Room