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BAAFF Short Films II


OCT 25 @ 4PM

  • Cleaner

    Directed by: Masami Kawai
  • Run time: 17 min
    At a family-run dry cleaner, Jae pursues her desires as her mother struggles to keep the business going in the face of pressure from a crime syndicate. But when Jae decides to put an end to the extortion payments, the secrets of her family past come to the surface. Set within the Korean gangland of Los Angeles, CLEANER is a portrait of desire and the bonds of blood.
  • The Corner Table

    Directed by: Manjari Makijany
    Run time: 24 min
  • A touching story about a mysterious old foreigner and a young cafe waitress. The old gentleman visits India after 25 long years and becomes a regular at a charming town cafe. The conversations at the corner table reveal a mystery and tell us how strangers can sometimes become friends in the most unexpected way! Watch this short film to explore and understand the complexities of human relationships and the bitter sweet moments of life.
  • Samnang

    Directed by: Asaph Polonsky
    Run time: 22 min
  • A recent Cambodian immigrant, working as a donut baker at night, lives a life of solitude until he's ordered to train a new worker - the owner's sister, and fears the loss of his job. Will he discover that life could be a bit sweeter with another baker in the kitchen?
  • Sukiyaki With Love

    Directed by: Akiko Izumitani
    Run time: 4 min
  • A cheating husband who thinks of marriage as a nightmare comes home to a lovely wife who teaches him the true meaning of horror.

    A Stitch in Time (for $9.99)

    Directed by: Mu Sun
    Run time: 13 min
  • Laura Fein stumbles upon 'Stitch in Time' Travel Agency (a subsidiary of Pendulum Labs), which boasts time travel for under ten dollars. And when she's greeted with piles of archaic computer equipment, bright lights and lo-fi contraptions, she's hesitant as to whether or not it actually works. But Laura gives it a chance to find out an important, burning question: Does her co-worker like her? In this inventive, clever short, the answer might actually surprise you. Unless you have already traveled into the future.

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OCT 25 @ 4PM

  • Location Bright Family Screening Room