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Someone I Used to Know

Directed by Nadine Truong

Someone I Used to Know

Special Guest appearance by Director Nadine Truong & Actor Brian Yang

Someone I Used to Know is a charming, entertaining, and rather nuanced story about the strained relationship between three high school friends, now in their 30s, whose lives have turned out to be nothing like they had imagined. As they lose their way, they rediscover their friendship. This drama begins with high stakes, when life hangs in the balance, with a fateful event that ultimately pulls Charlie, Luke, and D.J. back together. Soon, their reunion crashes them into the paths of three entertaining strangers. And as the dark and knowing night goes, so go their guards and expectations. À la great, classic ensemble motion pictures like, The Breakfast Club, Anniversary Party, Less Than Zero, St. elmo’s fire, garden state, beautiful girls and the big chill, this feature film bears the impressive ingredients for a wonderful movie experience, with an urgent heart, a reckless sense of humor, and a clear thirst for redemption in an uncertain world.


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Film Information

OCT 26 @ 6:45PM

  • Co-Presented with the Boston Asian American Film Festival
  • Location Bright Family Screening Room
  • Running Time 79 Minutes
  • Year 2013
  • Format DVD, Color