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M. Lee Pelton
President, Emerson College
Ted Cutler (1931 - 2017)
Champion & Grand Supporter of ArtsEmerson



Joan Bok
Ted Cutler (dec.)
Alison Fox and Marc Reinganum
Deirdre Girard
Marian Godfrey
Naomi Gordon
Joan Lancourt
Jackie Liebergott
Jacqui Lindsay
Tony Pangaro
M. Lee Pelton
Ted and Mary Wendell
Marillyn Zacharis


Leadership Circle ($50,000+)
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
The Barr Foundation
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Fresh Sound Foundation
Mabel Louise Riley Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
Surdna Foundation
Legacy Circle ($10,000 - $49,999)
The Boston Foundation
Creating Connection, a program of Arts Midwest and the Metropolitan Group, with funding from the Barr Foundation
Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation
The Godfrey Hotel
Liberty Mutual Foundation
New England Foundation for the Arts
Shubert Foundation
Theodore Edson Parker Foundation
Marquee Society ($1,500 - $9,999)
ArtsBoston AudienceLab
Association of Performing Arts Professionals
Boston Cultural Council
BPS Arts Expansion Fund at EdVestors
Dudley Fellowes Athenaeum Trust Fund
Friends of ArtsEmerson ($50 to $1,499)
Salon Monet++


Leadership Circle ($50,000+)
David and Joan Maxwell++
Ted and Mary Wendell++
Marillyn Zacharis++

Legacy Circle ($10,000 - $49,999)
Alison Fox and Marc Reinganum
Marian Godfrey and Thomas Gardner++
Hershey Family Foundation
Alyce and Patrick Lee++
Fred Lowery++
Kathy and David Maister
Bill Newman and Sheila Johnson++
Valentine Talland and Nagesh Mahanthappa++
Drs. Robert and Shari Thurer++

Marquee Society ($1,500 - $9,999)
Evelyne and Paul Alexander++ 
Mary Darmstaetter
Ruth Davidson and Emily Sherwood+
Barbara Lemperly Grant and Frederic Grant++
Wendy Fox and Al Larkin++
Drs. Lynne and Sidney Levitsky
Michael and Terese Miles++
Joan Moynagh and Adam Sholley++
Janet and David Offensend++
Rob and Pam Orchard
Barbara Resnek
Daniel and Julia Rinehart
Michael and Judy Rogers++
Michael Roitman and Emily Karstetter

Friends of ArtsEmerson ($50 to $1,499)
Anonymous (2)
Akiba Abaka++
Jonathan Abbott and Shari Malyn
Morton Abromson and Joan Nissman
John Achatz and Mary Farrell
Levi Adams
Pam and Robert Adams++
Dr. Lillian Ain
Andre Alexander++
Angela and Jeff Allen++
Earlene and Danilo Avalon++
Eric Baatz
Bonnie J. Baggesen and Ann-Marie Raymond++
Robert Berens
Susan Bigger and Kevin Belanger
Joan and Mark Bloom
Edward Boesel++
Alan Bowers
Kevin Bright++
Sara Brookner
Cherie Butts
Edward Cardoza
Fernadina Chan
Hsiu-Lan Chang
Julianne Charles++
Carole Charnow
Kathleen Chartener
Kevin and Petrina Cherry++
Koren Christensen and Nancy King
Tee Chung Constant
Howard Cohen
Laura Coleman
Tom Cooper
Ernie Cormier
Connie Demkowicz
Virginia Dodge
Anna Dodson
Christine M. Dunn
Mark Elenko
Elizabeth Farmer
Marian Fox
Sandra Galejs
Kinzie Gensler
David Gergen++
Elen Glanz and Richard Berger
Lenore Glaser
Stephanie Goldberg
Jeffrey Greenhawt
Teri Groome-Kucheman
Jay Hanflig and Donna Sinden
Thomas Hanold and Marnie Bolstad
Treniece Harris++
Joyce Harrison
Roger and Adelaide Haynes++
Laura Hodges Taylor
Paul Hogan
Judith Holoway
James Houghton
Christina Hughes++
Michael Hunter and Paul Leca
Kimmie Jackson++
Margaret Jacobson-Sive
Jamie Jaffe
Terence Janericco
Hubert and Kathy Jones++
Mitch Jones
Myechia Jordan++
Tamia Jordan
Alexandra Juckno
Mary Keating
Irina Khasin
Omar Khudari
Tom Kiely
Elena Kingsland
Allan and Rita Kiser++
Robert Kleinberg
Andrew Koppel
Yuriko Kuwabara and Sunny Dzik
Lydia Lafionatis
J Dayne Lamb and Gardner N Stratton++
Joan Lancourt++
Stewart Lassner
Emily Lautch
Heidi Lehner
Susan Lester
Howard Levy
Jacqui Lindsay++
Robert Livingston++
Lisa Llorente
Chris Lowey
Leanne MacDonald
Donna MacLeod
Thomas Mancuso
Michele Manting
Glenda Mattes
Kim Roger McCant++
John McGannon
Margaret McKenna
Richard McLaughry
Lalise Melillo
Shellee Mendes++
Beverly Merz
Kristen Milano
Lee Mistretta
Mitchison/Field Family
Valerie Mosley++
Dale Mott
Claire Muhm
Michael Murphy
Eileen Murray
Siobhan Murray
Susan and Ross Neisuler
Mary O'Connor
Ellen J. and Thomas H. O'Flaherty
Jaylyn Olivo and Dale Flecker
Richard O'Neill
John Parisi
Lowell Partridge
Suzanne and Bob Petrucci
Galina Podgoretsky
Trevor Pollack
Jane Preston and Michael Muller
Bruce Price
Suzanne Priebatsch
Bernard and Sue Pucker
Diane Quinn
Paul Rabin
Nancy Rappaport
Amelie Ratliff
Wiliam S. and Katharine Reardon
Charles Rendeiro
Suzanne Ricco++
Mark Rivinus
Charlotte Robinson
Barbara Rodriguez
Howard Rogut
Elizabeth Rust
Joanne Zervas Sattley
Barry Schaudt
Stephen Schwartz
Darryl Settles
Eileen and Stanley Shaffran
Patricia Sheehan
Candelaria Silva-Collins
Jill and David Silverstein++
Ellen Simons
Mary Slavet
David Smith
Deirdre Smith++
Shelby Smither++
Elizabeth Sobelle
Norman and Sue Stahl
Quita and Mark Sullivan
Dr. Patricia Suzman
Lisbeth Tarlow
Diana Taylor
Ann Teixeira++
Kim Thornton++
Kenn Turner
Eugene Vernikovskiy
Victor Voydock
Jean Walsh and Graham Davies
Sandra and Barnet Weinstein
Joseph and Marina Weisburd
Judith Weiss
Dr. Jaan Whitehead
Terry and David Wilkins++
Sabrina and Rob Williams++
Ros Winsor
Jane and Michael Wojcik
Naomi Wolf
Eleanor San San Wong
Steven A. Yakutis & Guy Pugh
Ellen Ziskind+

+ Donors to the World On Stage Fund
++ Donors to the Gaining Ground Fund

This donor listing reflects all gifts of $50+ received between January 1, 2017 – January 31, 2018.
Our deepest thanks to all who generously contributed gifts in support of ArtsEmerson. Every gift matters!