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Why would a miniature world need a majestic stage?

Cold Blood

Lights, camera, action! Fingers cavort in a delightful miniature setting, the cameras hover in time to the music, a voice narrates. Film-maker Jaco Van Dormael and choreographer Michèle Anne De Mey are filming right in front of your eyes.

A plane journey, a forest in the fog, seven unexpected deaths, all punctuated by the sudden realizations of a waking dream, Cold Blood unveils a series of different lives in a hypnotic story laced with offbeat humor.

With a certain lightness, life celebrates its final moments of happiness and memories file past, at times languid, at times more vibrant. Existence stands still for a dance.

When death arrives, it is absurd, often trivial and sometimes comical.

Thomas Gunzig’s script tells us that “there are mechanical deaths, organic deaths, fragrant deaths, deaths in the dead of night, deaths experienced first-hand, silent deaths. And then there are erotic deaths”. This may be a world of death, but the dance is far from macabre. Oh no, it is a celebration of life, the senses, love, the final moments of light and the preceding memories.

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