69˚S. (The Shackleton Project)

A jaw-dropping multimedia journey straight to the heart of the Antarctic.

APR 28–MAY 03, 2020

This event has been suspended due to the situation surrounding COVID-19. For anyone holding tickets to one of these performances, we request that you wait for an email with instructions rather than calling the box office.

For more information, please visit this page to learn more about our actions related to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Through a jaw-dropping combination of life-sized puppets, mesmerizing choreography, and a haunting soundtrack from Kronos Quartet and Skeleton Key, 69° S. recounts Ernest Shackleton's miraculous 1914 journey to the edge of the world. The Phantom Limb theatre company returns to Boston with their revelatory saga after wowing audiences in 2012, raising questions about survival, climate justice, and human endurance.

"For sheer power to haunt the imagination," the Boston Globe reported, "it’s hard to picture anything surpassing 69° S.” Placing a spotlight on the intertwined survival of ourselves and of our planet. 69° S. is an unforgettable journey that will leave you absolutely speechless. During the dreamlike 65-minutes, audiences will travel through time, space, maps, and memory to arrive in a place brand new and yet ripped directly from history. Don't miss what the show's original audiences are still thinking and talking about years later.

"An entrancing production. For sheer power to haunt the imagination…it’s hard to picture anything surpassing 69° S.”
- The Boston Globe