OCT 27 - OCT 31, 2010

March 20, 2003. A date that the ordinary people of Iraq will never forget. A day that changed their lives forever. In June 2008, the award-winning creators of "The Exonerated" traveled to Jordan to find out firsthand what happened to the Iraqi civilians who fled in the wake of the Iraq War.

"Aftermath reveals a truth, charged with emotion, outrage and for me, in the end, lessons in courage and humanity."

Blank and Jensen interviewed some 35 people—a cross-section of lives interrupted—who fled the chaos and violence that befell Iraqi society for the relative safety of Jordan. Following the visit to Amman, these encounters were crafted into a jarring, illuminating and unforgettable play that gives voice to the upheaval of everyday life in a country struggling to find its way back home.


  • Location: Paramount Center Mainstage
  • In Cooperation with Amnesty International
  • Written by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen
  • Directed by Jessica Blank
  • Series Legend
  • Ages 14+
  • Running Time 80 Minutes