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The House of Sand and Fog

Directed by Vadim Perelman

A quarrel over real estate escalates into unexpected tragic consequences. Based on the novel of the same name by Andre Dubus III, this quiet psychological drama slowly gets under your skin; when recovering addict Kathy (played by Jennifer Connolly) is mistakenly evicted from her house, she finds herself driven to extremes to reclaim her property despite the fact that it has been auctioned off to an Iranian family. Ben Kinsgley plays Colonel Massoud Behrani, a former military officer in Iran, who desperately tries to maintain the appearance of financial success for his family and refuses to negotiate with Kathy. The film deftly explores the motivations of each character without casting any of them as the villain. Both Connolly and Kingsley are deeply moving, but the standout performance is Shohreh Aghdashloo who plays Nedereh, Behrani’s wife, a sheltered, gracious woman who reaches out to Kathy only to pay the ultimate price.

Film Information

OCT 13 @ 6PM

  • Location Bright Family Screening Room
  • Running Time 126 minutes
  • Year 2003
  • Format DVD, color
  • Rating R