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FEB 15-24, 2013

Films Calendar

FEB 8, 6PM

FEB 8, 9PM
Zabriskie Point

FEB 9, 1PM
Far From Heaven

FEB 9, 6PM & FEB 15, 9PM
Swimming To Cambodia

FEB 9, 9PM
The Bride of Frankenstein

FEB 10, 1PM
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

FEB 15, 6PM & FEB 22, 9PM
FEB 16, 1PM
Time Bandits

FEB 16, 6PM & FEB 23, 6PM
The Shipment

FEB 16, 9PM
City Council Meeting

FEB 17, 1PM
And Everything Is Going Fine

FEB 22, 6PM
Your Brother. Remember?

FEB 23, 9PM
El Pasado Es Un Animal Grotesco

FEB 24, 1PM
Passing Strange



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  • ArtsEmerson: The World On Stage, in association with The Center for the Theater Commons and The Public Theater's Under the Radar Festival, presents a combustible combination of theatre, film, music, workshops and live-streamed events. Completely housed in ArtsEmerson’s Paramount Center in downtown Boston, The Next Thing (TNT) Festival (FEB 15-24) creates an unprecedented opportunity to dive deep into the world of contemporary ensemble performance.
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