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Ciné-Concert – Georges Méliès

The cinemagician

Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Georges Méliès’ birth with a special performance presented by his descendents in true 1900s style.

The French Cultural Center presents an exceptional ciné-concert featuring several Georges Méliès films at the Cutler Majestic Theatre. One of the most renowned figures in cinema, French director Georges Méliès is still an inspirational figure for great directors and was recently portrayed in Martin Scorsese’s Hugo , winner of five Academy Awards earlier this year. As in the 1900s, this ciné-concert will include riveting narration and piano accompaniment performed by Méliès’ great-granddaughter Marie-Hélène Lehérissey and Lawrence Lehérissey, his great-great-grandson.

The original reels were located, restored, preserved and edited thanks to the work of the partner association, The Friends of Georges Méliès. Paying homage to Méliès, this show has been performed around the world and received the special Prize of the City of Vincennes 2010 during the International Cinema Meetings.

More about Georges Méliès
From 1896 to 1913, Georges Méliès directed 520 films of which he was the producer and distributor, as well as a performer. Being the first to use the movie camera to tell a story with staging and sets, this masterful craftsman invented all sorts of special effects, which are still the basis for their modern versions.

More about the Program
The introduction as well as the question/answer session at the conclusion of the show will be conducted in French and English. During the films, the narration will be performed in French. An English translation of the narration will be included in the program.

Knowledge of French is NOT required to enjoy the event.

More about the Performers
Marie-Hélène Lehérissey
worked as a film editor before joining the French television channel TF1. She also oversees the film collection of The Friends of Georges Méliès Association – Méliès Film Archive. Marie-Hélène, full of verve and humor, is the third generation of narrator-presenters in the Méliès family.

An alumnus of the Conservatory, pianist, composer and improviser, Lawrence Lehérissey has been a professional musician since the age of 18. Lawrence has performed Méliès ciné-concerts across the globe. As a pianist, Lawrence's improvisation cleverly emphasizes Méliès’ film frames and the text of the narrator.

*Please note that $30 of each VIP ticket purchase is tax-deductible. The French Cultural Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

French Cultural Center Members as well as students may obtain the discount codes by calling the French Cultural Center at 617-912-0400.

Film Information

NOV 03 @ 7PM

  • Location Cutler Majestic Theatre
  • Running Time 120 minutes
  • This Event is presented in French and in English
  • Pricing
    $25 General Admission
    $18 French Cultural Center & ArtsEmerson Members
    $14 Students
    $75 VIP tickets (Please note that $30 of each VIP ticket purchase is tax-deductible. The French Cultural Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.)
  • VIP ticket purchasers are invited to a post show event happening on the Majestic Stage.