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Cuisine and Confessions

AMERICAN PREMIERE! Direct from Paris, Rome, Montreal, and Moscow

JUL 12 - AUG 7, 2016

The Boston Globe

“A burst of creative energy that recalls [a] joyous dance-party vibe”


“Heartbreaking, completely delirious and fun. It’s a must-see”

The Revere Journal

SPELLBINDING! Children and adults alike are mesmerized by “Cuisine & Confessions.”


"#CuisineConfessions = beauty created by trust & collaboration & love (& food)." - @trishofthetrade

"Spectacular, mesmerizing, exhilarating, moving and funny show" - @y2000k

"Full of honesty, trust and was deeply moving. It had me in so many tears" - @Rabbi_Abbi

"Thank you ArtsEmerson for bringing #TheSevenFingers back to Boston, I am almost in tears" - ‏@AlexLonati

Bay State Banner

The New England Theatre Geek

Metrowest Daily News

The Boston Globe Pick

CBS LOCAL WBZ TV Centro Feature

Joyce's Choices

Edge Media Network

The Cape Cod Times

Boston Events Insider

The Arts Fuse

White Rhino Report

Boston Arts Diary

The Boston Foodie

BU Today

Edge Media Network interview with co-founder Shana Carroll

Boston Magazine features Cuisine & Confessions

“mélange of surreal humor, circus acrobatics, and impressive staging”

Emerson College News previews Cuisine & Confessions

“Our Boston audiences have loved their unique, modern blend of circus, and we’re excited to have four weeks with them this summer.”

DIG BOSTON selects Cuisine & Confessions as one of their picks of the week

"You may have noticed that ArtsEmerson has stepped up its game in a big way over the last few years..."


“We’re really using the acrobatics to actually tell the story”

“If you see the cooks in a big kitchen in a restaurant, it looks like they are doing choreography. And probably they are, but they don’t [think of it like that]. For us, it’s the same way.”


“It was like creating a meal. Food is central to all of our lives. The memories we explore in our performance are universal memories we can all share.”

“We, as humans, can go beyond our limits in our explorations, and that we can experience palpable joy.”


"The acrobatics are the vehicles for telling a story. They’re very expressive"

WGBH Boston Public Radio Feature

"'We are doing acrobatics, and dance, and storytelling, and song, and cooking on stage, and even sharing that food with the audience. So, it is a bit unique in that sense,' said Shana Carroll, the creator of Cuisine and Confessions and the founding artistic director for The 7 Fingers."

Time Out New York

“A thrilling, modern brand of circus.”

Time Out, Paris

“How many acrobats does it take to bake a cake? 7 Doigits is eager to find out in Cuisine and Confessions, a show that invites us into the kitchen for an evening of cooking, storytelling, and breathtaking acrobatics. So sit back, and feed your eyes and mouth – and make sure you don’t try any of this at home.”

“The troupe features everything from a trapeze artist, to a Chinese pole acrobat, a juggler, and gymnasts rollicking around in flour.”

New York Times

“7 Fingers founded in 2002 with the mission of bringing circus to a human scale, combining circus acts with emotion and intimacy to win over the audience is a tenet of the new circus movement that started in the counter-counteral departure from the stunt for stunt’s sake philosophy of traditional three ring circuses.”


“Don’t try this at home”

Russian Newspaper

“A new genre”

Le Monde (France)

"An infallible circus-dance-theatre-rock recipe that brings us right back to our hearts while warming our stomachs!"

Jacques Pepin, World-renowned chef

“There is something evanescent, temporary, and fragile about food. You make it, it goes, and what remains are memories.”

La Presse (Canada)

"A winning recipe"

Le Journal de Montréal (Canada)

"A pure feast!"

"This playful and participatory show is a piece of pure creativity"

Mon(theatre) (Canada)

"A gem of a show"

"Finger-licking good."

Métro (France)

"We’ve totally fallen for Cuisine & Confessions"

NRJ (Canada)

"Mind-blowing routines, an incredible show"

Huffington Post (Canada)

"A delicious evening in every sense of the word."

"A perfect blend with just the right dose of ingredients, like in the very best recipes"

Montreal Gazette (Canada)

"The Joy of Cooking. A remarkably familial, interactive ensemble piece. The audience leaves the theatre nibbling the banana bread, happily sniffing the smells of baking as they go, wanting to share Cuisine & Confessions with friends."