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Loyalty Program


It’s our way of saying thank you.


Why can’t I see my 17/18 loyalty points and rewards in my customer portal?
All points and rewards will be viewable and accessible by July 1, 2017, well in advance of our first show of the season!

When can I start getting rewards?
Rewards start with your very first ticket purchase or when you attend a select special event. For every ArtsEmerson ticket you buy, you earn 100 points; this means that even if you just buy one ticket to one show, you unlock the first Rewards Level and receive a parking discount!
Is there a cost to participating? Do I have to sign up?
No! The rewards program is free for all ArtsEmerson patrons. You’ll automatically earn points on every ticket you purchase or select special event you attend.
Do I have to spend a certain amount to earn points?
Points are earned by ticket, not the dollar amount you pay. So regardless of how much you pay for your ticket, you can earn points and get rewards.
Do I cash in my points like other rewards programs?
Unlike other rewards/points programs, ArtsEmerson points accumulate over the season unlocking rewards as they grow, which means no cashing in or going back to zero.
Can I jump levels and still get all the rewards?
Yes! You will unlock rewards levels as you earn points. For example, if you buy four tickets at one time, you’ll earn 400 points and unlock all the rewards that come at the 100, 200 and 400 point levels. 
When do my points expire?
ArtsEmerson’s rewards program will be for each season, starting at the Season announcement. As such, each season will have its own points. Once the season is over, everyone’s balance will go to zero and you’ll start earning new points for the next season.
How soon can I get my rewards?
Points you earn will be added to your ArtsEmerson account as early as the next business day, which is when you’ll be able to redeem your rewards.
How do I get my rewards?
You will receive a message in your ArtsEmerson online account alerting you that you have unlocked rewards. Your online alert will explain the specifics of redeeming the reward you have unlocked. If you have any questions, the ArtsEmerson Box Office is just a phone call away.
Can I pick and choose which rewards I use my points for?
Points can not be cashed in for specific rewards. You’ll only be able to unlock the rewards listed at each level.
I’m buying tickets for two or more. Do we all get points?
Points are tracked through a patron’s online account, which means points will only be earned by the person who bought the tickets. However, you can share any of your rewards with your friends!
How can I keep track of my points and rewards?
When you log into your ArtsEmerson online account, you will be able to see how many points you have earned and which rewards you have unlocked. These will be updated as early as the day after your transaction.

Can I use my benefits for Non-ArtsEmerson Events at the Emerson Paramount Center and Emerson Cutler Majestic Theatre?
Benefits unlocked through the ArtsEmerson Loyalty program can only be redeemed or used for ArtsEmerson Events. That said, we hope to see you at our theaters as often as you can make it!

Can I use benefits unlocked in the one season for future ArtsEmerson events?
Benefits unlocked during a season can only be redeemed in that season. You’ll have new opportunities to earn points and unlock benefits for all future seasons!

Will my points roll over?
Points are only applicable towards the season in which they are earned and will not roll-over to future seasons.

What happened to my Loyalty Points from last season?
Loyalty Points start over at 0 with the new season. You can still view your points from this past season in your online account. If you had unlocked a reward from the previous season and have not claimed it, please contact the Box Office at tickets@artsemerson.org.