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A power play of sex, lies and videotape.

FEB 09–22, 2021


"AN EXPLOSION OF EMOTIONS. Lust and rage simmer then boil over in the intimate 90-minute, on-demand tale that uses film, live video, and performance to explore the dynamics of race, gender and class." "
- Jacquinn Sinclair, WBUR The ARTery
"MUST SEE! A raw, thrilling, superbly-acted take on Strindberg's classic on sex, power & gender!” "
- Joyce Kulhawik, Joyce's Choices
“From start to finish in Julia, a multimedia adaptation of August Strindberg’s ‘Miss Julie,’ the camera is an ever-present and deliberately intrusive force, a character with no lines but pronounced impact.”
- The Boston Globe
“A stunning multimedia riff on the Swedish playwright’s combustible tale. PASSIONATE ACTING. SO AUTHENTIC. STUNNING STAGING.”
- LA Times
“The [film within the play] is assembled in real-time, and as in a film set, it is cut and redone sometimes, in multiple takes, either through the command of ‘action’ and ‘cuts’ of the cameraman or by the relation of the actors, by becoming more extreme, it breaks ‘fiction’, generating new interpretive layers.”
- The Theatre Times
“[Julia] is inviting, rewarding and intense.”
- The Boston Herald