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Plata Quemada

Plata Quemada

The true story of Argentina’s most daring bank heist unfolds in this eye-popping live-action graphic novel.

Chilean Flag FROM CHILE
MAR 11 - 15, 2020

Critical Praise

Teatrocinema employs projections and comic-style graphics with a cinematic flair
that makes you feel like you’ve been dropped into a movie,
your perspective swinging with the camera’s fluid movements."
- Amelia Mason, WBUR
"A provocative, digital mash-up of live art and cinematic storytelling.”
Los Angeles Times
“The inventiveness and variety of resources used make it dazzling; never before has Teatrocinema put on a piece as cohesive and dramatically fast-paced as this.”
El Mercurio
“This production has inherited the fatalistic and tragic elements of the best of film noir.”
“Written by Zagal, the score is one of the high points, creating a tense atmosphere worthy of a thriller.”
Wikén Magazine

Audience Raves

“Possibly the most unique and striking performance I’ve seen.
The entire production is like a loose electrical wire, sparking and twitching in the street…
HIGHLY recommended”
- Michael Feeney, Audience Member Blog Comment


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