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Born For This

Born For This: A New Musical

A story of family, love and forgiveness.

JUN 15 - JUL 15, 2018


WBUR - The ARTery

"The songs range from soft pop to fiery gospel, and the singing is excellent. This is a musical with a capital M." 

"Thrilling standouts like the rocking gospel song 'I Got a New Home' (led by Milton Craig Nealy, in the role of Pop Winans) and the sweet and powerful 'Seventh Son' (a solo by Nita Whitaker, playing Mom Winans) all but stop the show, and uplifting songs 'Gotta Keep Movin'' and 'Book of Life' fill the house with a joyous spirit."


"A positive, uplifting story that is balm for our troubled spirits."

Joyce’s Choices, Joyce Kulhawik

"Brought me to my feet with its vitality, soul-searing vocals, and dynamic cast and performances.”
“The show has instant musical verve and cred.” 
“The cast is pure dynamite” 

Jared Bowen, WGBH Arts Editor

"Majestic voices and powerhouse gospel numbers."

On Boston Stages

"If the reception by theater-goers at a recent performance is any indication, “Born For This” is finding its audience during its Boston run."

Cambridge Patch

"Great staging, spectacular lighting, imaginative props and a live band...I give this colorful, magnificent and compelling production five out of five stars."

Theater Mirror

"You’re not likely to find a more consistently entertaining musical on Boston stages this year than Born for This."

"A powerhouse score delivered by an extraordinary cast combined with a very funny script are sure to make this show an overwhelming crowd-pleaser."

Jacques S Fleury, AuthorsDen.com

"This play not only tackles difficult and timely subject matters, but it does so with great staging, spectacular lighting, imaginative props and a live band! Colorful, magnificent and compelling....five out of five stars."

Jules Becker, MySouthEnd.com

"The standing ovation-worthy talent on display at the Emerson Cutler Majestic Theatre-the show's Hub venue-have the voices and the moves to make it in New York."

New England Theatre Geek

"I imagine the rest of the show’s run will carry the same celebration of humanity and of searching for what one was born for."
"This performance dredged up a childhood nostalgia from deep within me."

Boston and Beyond

"It is wonderfully engaging, replete with laugh-out-loud  humor as well as deeply poignant moments."
"This stellar, pitch perfect cast of 20, received thunderous applause after each song, including a variety of Jaw-dropping solos."
"This family-friendly, wildly funny, yet deeply emotional journey toward self-discovery is a universal story for anyone who has ever yearned for something, or, is looking to find their purpose in life."

The Raider Times

"Its message is transcendent: if you have a dream, follow it, and have faith that everything will be resolved in time." 
"The vocal range of every cast member is truly unbelievable, and the notes and harmonies throughout the show are simply superb."
 "A must-see musical."


Born for This has voices that could convert even the most secular theatergoers into true believers.”

“I haven’t heard singing this divinely inspired since Cynthia Erivo, Danielle Brooks and Jennifer Hudson tore it up in the Tony-winning revival of
The Color Purple.”



“A Broadway-scale crowd pleaser”

“From Mom and Pop Winans to their gospel-singing offspring, the Detroit Winans were a family born to entertain.
Born For This: The Musical gives L.A. audiences ample reason to applaud their gifts.”


“An open-ended odyssey of what it is to balance spirituality, family, success, and loyalty. Not out of duty, but out of joy.”

“I would give myself heart and soul to Jesus right now if it meant I could have been born a Winans”

“…deeply emotional, culturally rich”


“Might just end up in Times Square. Yes, the show is that good”

“A crowd pleaser”


“A terrific night of entertainment, with a little soul thrown into the mix for good measure”

"There’s no end to the impressive talent on display in
Born For This .”

“A sensational cast”

“First rate production”

"I attended last night and it was one of the best plays I seen in a long time the Characters every last one was outstanding the play was good from beginning to end." - Diane Walker

"I attended opening night!! The production was FANTASTIC.....funny, moving and transparent. That song Seventh Son nearly transformed the play into a revival. A must see!!" - Robin Smith

"This play is amazing! You definitely need to buy a ticket." - Tracy Washington Joseph

"It moved me to tears. It's about the human experience with the ups and downs expressed in song and dance. It's real and human and makes you feel better at the end of the show. Bebe is a real talent and an American institution. The music and the voices of the actors are worth every penny of it. Highly recommend." - Maggie Morio We

"Just saw a preview performance of #BornForThisMusical at ArtsEmerson, and the production was amazing! Thanks for sharing your story BeBe Winans and reinforcing the idea that "we're all born for a purpose". Seeing this musical has uplifted me to find my own." - @WordsWithFab

"Born for This was phenomenal! Please #Broadway, take note! The script, production quality & caliber of talent is off the charts!" - @AyannaPressley

"First Look at Born For This was exhilarating. A great story of Bebe & Cece's journey. Fantastic music, and singing along with some great talented actors. Tammy Faye is hilarious and her costume changes are amazing. Overall a Great musical. A Must See!" - @PJPnBoston

"Born For This at ArtsEmerson is phenomenal" - @drivinatninety


Born For This: The BeBe Winans Story

"It is no small matter that Arts Emerson will be hosting Born For This, a story that puts an important spotlight on the rich and layered experiences that black families have to offer and share with our communities. If open to seeing anew, Boston has an opportunity to learn from BeBe Winans’ story."

On stage: Six-time Grammy winner’s life story plays out in new musical
- The Patriot Ledger

The Weekender: Pop papas, rockin’ dads, and the godfather of gospel
- The Boston Globe

Five Reasons to Leave the House This Weekend
- Boston Magazine

"Now an R&B legend, Winans’ heart and soul come through in the show’s story and music."

The Boston Herald

"MUST-SEE: ‘Born for This,’ will hit area stages this summer. Six-time Grammy winner Bebe Winans and director Charles Randolph-Wright of “Motown the Musical” have created an autobiographical show tracking a man and his destiny to become a Gospel legend."

BeBe Winans puts his life onstage in the new musical ‘Born for This’
-The Boston Globe

"When people walk out of the theater I want them to know that no matter where they are coming from, they have a purpose. I hope this show is the push that helps them pursue their dream.”