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Chilean Flag FROM CHILE
OCT 26 - NOV 19, 2017

The Tufts Daily

"The twist transcends the boundary between theater and reality."

"Metatheater for the digital age."

"Exposes the flimsiness of intercultural understanding even in the internet-based 21st century."

Broadway World

"Kiss is an unusual and discomfiting piece of theater that is part Syrian soap opera, part improv, and totally worth your time."

"Dower's direction sets a fast, almost breathless pace"

"As the young people on the stage open their eyes to the truth of a world far from their own, we who are on the opposite side of the footlights are opening our eyes, as well."

ArtsEmerson Delivers Tense and Moving “Kiss”
- Theater Mirror

"A strange and powerful piece."

“'First World Problems' is a phrase we tend to toss around, ruefully, when we find ourselves or one of our friends griping about, well, parking at Whole Foods. Or the Red Line. If you want a brief glimpse as to what that phrase really means, get yourself over to the Emerson Paramount and find out."

In Syria-inspired ‘Kiss,’ misinterpreting the language of war
-The Boston Globe

New York Times

“[Calderon is] Chile's most acclaimed playwright-director of the last two decades”

On Stage and Screen

“The true meaning of the title will shock you.”

American Theatre Magazine

"There’s a freshness and forcefulness to Calderón’s work, which marries the urgency of politics to the playful joy of theatre-making."