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An Inspector Calls

An Inspector Calls

The Tony Award winning production from the director of Billy Elliot and The Crown.

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MAR 14 - 24, 2019

Critical Praise

"Vivid...The highly stylized production adds to the eeriness of Priestley’s parable."

"The 100 intermissionless minutes fly past"

"A terrific, measured performance by Brennan lends the proper gravitas to his final speech about our responsibility to one another and the price we will pay if we ignore that obligation."
- The Boston Globe
“A gripping production that explodes the senses and toys with your intellect.”
- Jared Bowen, WGBH Arts Editor
“A superb production that should not be missed."
- Boxing Over Broadway
"As fresh and urgent as if it was written yesterday."
- Edge Media Network
"Race to see this smart, surprising, haunting, and gorgeously staged production only through Sunday. A cautionary 'who done it' for RIGHT NOW!"
- Joyce Kulhawik
"This riveting, edgy and thought provoking mystery is a brilliant piece of theatre."
- Boston and Beyond
"The stage looks the way cold and rain feel. It’s beautiful and mystifying."
- New England Theatre Geek
"[An Inspector Calls] has so much appeal because avant garde art and social satire underpin the action."

"[A] genuinely labyrinthine charade (twists abound!)"
- The Boston Herald
"Gripping Revival Rings True"

"This is an example of what theater can do, must do, to remind us that we are all in it together."
- Broadway World
"Couldn't be more timely...delightful...The entire cast is superb."
- South Shore Critic
"'An Inspector Calls' is like an episode of 'The Twilight Zone’ wrapped in an Agatha Christie mystery.”
- The Washington Post
"With a moral heart that beats like thunder, the epic revival of this 1945 classic, itself a remounting of director Stephen Daldry’s 1995 production, both reveals truths about its characters and speaks to the audience’s collective conscience."
- Cape Cod Times
- Los Angeles Times
“I was struck by how this show, so brilliantly designed by Ian MacNeil, now comes with newly resonant echoes. It feels as if Priestley was writing about the climate-change crisis about to engulf us all. It feels like he anticipated the march toward political extremes, the rise of smug complacency and the fall of personal moral obligation.”
- Chicago Tribune
"Powerful...It may be that the current social and political climate makes Priestley’s message – we are all responsible for each other – more timely than ever."
- Hyde Park Herald
"Truly exceptional...will leave audiences awestruck." ★★★★
- Chicago Sun Times
"If Stephen Daldry's landmark 1992 production of An Inspector Calls was hailed for its relevance amid an economic recession, 26 years later this colloquy pitting capitalism against socialism, wrapped in an Edwardian parlor mystery, has only become more germane."
- The Hollywood Reporter
"A crazy immediacy...striking...spectacular stagecraft"
- Broadway World
"This is a production that screams, 'go to the theater!' Heed the call."
- Washington City Paper
★★★★★ “Spectacular. If you haven’t seen it, you must. If you have, see it again.”
- Mail on Sunday
★★★★★ “A work of great directorial daring, breathtaking visual invention and passionate moral urgency.”
- Daily Telegraph
“Stunning… dark and gleaming and elegant.”
- New York Times
“An epic for our epoch, a thrillingly physical piece of theatre - with the power to stir the heart as much as the mind.”
- Evening Standard
“Spell‐binding. Grabs you by the throat and won’t let you go.”
- The Guardian
"Brennan is chillingly effective as Inspector Goole: His swift and wry assessment of anyone who crosses his path makes it easy to believe that he could inspire someone to spill their darkest secrets with minimal prompting."
- Entertainment Weekly

Audience Raves

"This is an amazing show that really got me thinking!! It was 1 hour and 40 minutes of being riveted to the stage!! The play, costumes, set...were all spectacular!! Don’t miss this." - Debbie, Facebook
"Made me feel as though I were seeing a Broadway or West End show, the set, music, and special effects were excellent as well as the cast" - Audience Survey
"WHAT an exceptional show" - @khemingway, Instagram


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