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Apr 09 - 12, 2015


REVIEW: Fab Empire

"One of the most incredible theatrical experiences I have seen this year."

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REVIEW: Joyce’s Choices

"Attention, singers, actors, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, poets, architects, acrobats...." - Joyce Kulhawik says "RUSH to see NEEDLES AND OPIUM at Cutler Majestic!"

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REVIEW: South Shore Critic

“Avant-garde theater at its most visually stunning.”
“Defies description”
“Both Labrèche and Robertson are amazing”

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REVIEW: White Rhino Report

“The intoxicating elixir of ingenious creativity combined with world class story telling”
“This show is a brilliant work of art.  The audience was mesmerized and electrified.”
“Do not miss this unforgettable walk on the wild side of theater and magic.”

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REVIEW: Art New England Online

“Takes [Lepage’s] eccentricities to new heights—literally”
“Known for his comedic work as Canada’s answer to Jon Stewart [Labrèche] shows his immense range by expertly adapting to this serious dual role. He slides from one character to the other with the grace of an acrobat, adopting at once the critical, intellectual nature of Cocteau and the defeated, mourning attitude of the heartbroken voice actor.”

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PREVIEW: The Boston Globe

A reimagining of ‘Needles and Opium’ that lifts and spins

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Actor Marc Labrèche-On Robert Lepage's "Needles and Opium"

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PREVIEW: EdgeBoston.com

'Needles and Opium' 20 Years Later - Still Alive, Still Relevant

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  • Location: Emerson/Cutler Majestic Theatre
  • Created by: Robert Lepage
  • Starring: Marc Labrèche and Wellesley Robertson III
  • Directed by: Robert Lepage
  • Ages: 14+
  • Running Time: 95 Minutes with no Intermission