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A magical house party of the greatest proportion.

SEP 27 - OCT 1, 2017

Building a house, and a life, in ArtsEmerson’s ‘Home’
-The Boston Globe


"HOME captures the drama of everyday life."

"The entire human adventure plays out onstage."

"An invitation to this HOME is very much worth saying yes to.""

Boston Theater Examiner

"‘Home’ captivates with movement and emotion"

"Bristles with energy and inventiveness and quite a bit of heart."

"It’s about finding a safe space, under the covers of your own bed, or in the arms of our friends and family."

"This is experimental theater that can be enjoyed by anybody. It’s full of humanity and engages an audience in a way that no movie or traditional play ever can. In the end, ‘Home’ throws open it’s doors and welcomes you to the party. Don’t refuse this invitation."

South Shore Critic

"Ingeniously blurs the differentiation between theatrical forms, ultimately defying conventional categorization."

"Exquisite harmony conducted by Choreographer David Neumann."

"A visually overwhelming display of comic precision...culminating in a virtuosic Pandora's Box of pure magic."

"spectacularly functional Scenic Design"

"A technical marvel from start to finish"

"It's difficult to convey how incredibly moving it can be to watch the recreated memories of what a house can contain, from birthdays to weddings to wakes"

"Wise and witty, hearty and hilarious, lively and life-affirming."

Edge Media Network

"Impeccably crafted from start to finish... most certainly holds the mirror up to nature, and the reflection is a beautiful tapestry."

“Home” Brings Magic to the Familiar
-The Theater Mirror

"Like nothing you’ve ever seen before."

"A symphony of movement in the comfort of a kind of 'every-home'."

Broad Street Review

"I enjoyed Geoff Sobelle’s HOME as much as I’ve ever enjoyed a piece of theater while simultaneously thinking, 'Damn, I do a lot of laundry.'"

A "remarkable, large-scale theatrical mosaic"

"Construction continues...all without realizing quite how and when everything got there."

"The stage becomes a living storybook of wacky, homey, intricate seek-and-find pictures created for sheer visual delight."


"Actor, creator, magician and illusionist, Geoff Sobelle performs miracles"

"Go experience it"

"Sobelle is an artistic genius"

DC Metro Theatre Arts

"A surrealistic delight."

"Expect continual surprise"

"Catch it before the rest of the world sees it."

Thinking Dance

"Featuring clever illusions, an ever-evolving house-under-construction set (Steven Dufala), Elvis Perkins’ dream-like troubadour tunes, and a talented cast who wrest powerful emotions out of everyday scenes, Sobelle’s world premiere is a gem in this year’s Fringe Festival."

The Inquirer

"Welcome to the magical world of Geoff Sobelle"

"The house in HOME is truly gorgeous."