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Cry of the City

Directed by Robert Siodmak with Victor Mature, Richard Conte, Shelley Winters


1948, U.S. A dark crime drama that pits ruthless New York hood Martin Rome (Conte) against once childhood friend, now adversary Lieutenant Candella (Mature). As cop doggedly pursues criminal, the city’s streets—teeming with corruption—give cry to murder and betrayal. Incorporating location shooting Siodmak weaves naturalism and stylization to craft a riveting, menacing urban landscape. Presented on a new studio print. Special thanks to Caitlin Robertson, Fox and Brian Block, Criterion U.S.A. NOT ON DVD!

“Rarely has the cruel, lived-in squalor of the city been presented in such telling detail, both in the vivid portrayal of ghetto life and in the astonishing parade of corruption uncovered in the night (a slug-like shyster; a monstrous, sadistic masseuse; a sleazy refugee abortionist, etc)." — Time Out

Noir Nights’ Robert Siodmak double bill celebrates the legendary German émigré director, primary architect of the film noir genre. Among the most notable works in Siodmak’s noir cycle are the thrillers Cry of the City and The Dark Mirror, each prime examples of the Siodmak style. They are explorations of violence and criminality masterfully crafted with evocatively lit expressionist atmospheres—stories seething with psychological disturbance, murder and betrayal. Touted by “Hollywood oracles… as the new master of suspense” (Time Magazine) in the 1940s, Siodmak was described by Andrew Sarris in 1968 as an unsung director of seriousness and grace; today Siodmak’s name, though not as familiar as Hitchcock’s (the original master of suspense), is recognized by film lovers as a Hollywood great to be reckoned with.

Cry of the City

Cry of the City

Cry of the City

June 9 @ 7:45pm

Bright Family Screening Room



$10. $7.50 for Members & Seniors. $5 for Students.



Running Time:

95 minutes


Black and White, 35mm



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