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Howl’s Moving Castle

Directed by Hayao Miyazaki

Award-winning Japanese animation director Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away) delivers another visually breathtaking story with Howl’s Moving Castle . 18-year-old Sophie strikes up an expected friendship with Howl, a peculiar wizard whose home has the power to travel. But their friendship angers a witch, who in retaliation turns the pretty Sophie into a decrepit old woman. With help of the fire demon Calcifer and Howl’s other magical companions, Sophie sets off to find a way to reverse the witch’s spell and return to her former self—visiting other worlds and dimensions along the way. Christian Bale, Emily Mortimer, Jean Simmons, Lauren Bacall and Billy Crystal comprise the English-speaking voiceover cast.

Film Information

OCT 20 @ 1PM

  • Location Bright Family Screening Room
  • Running Time 119 minutes
  • Year 2004
  • Format 35mm, Color
  • Rating PG