NOV 30 - DEC 08, 2013

South African-born and internationally acclaimed director Yael Farber sets her explosive new adaptation of Strindberg’s classic Miss Julie in the smoldering kitchen of a remote estate 18 years after the end of apartheid. In a brutal and tender single night we witness the shifting dynamics between a black farm laborer, his “master’s” daughter and the woman who has raised them both. The visceral struggles of contemporary South Africa are revealed in a fierce battle over power, sexuality, memory, mothers and land. Haunting and violent, intimate and heartbreaking, the struggles take place among the characters and with their ancestors, laying bare questions of what restitution and freedom can really mean and what losses can and cannot ever be recovered. An international success, Mies Julie is the recipient of seven awards (including a Fringe First) and has received nearly 30 five-star reviews.

“The temperature never stops rising… There is more erotic heat generated by the two central characters…seamlessly blends the visual poetry into the naturalistic” —New York Times

Nelson Mandela DEDICATION

As the world simultaneously celebrates the life and mourns the death of Nelson Mandela, I want to acknowledge the artists from South Africa who are here through this weekend performing in MIES JULIE. This powerful work would not have been possible without their extraordinary talent, and the opportunity to even contemplate much less produce this work is due to the leadership and courage of Nelson Mandela. We dedicate the remaining performances to his memory and inspiration.

Rob Orchard, Founder/ Executive Director



The Baxter Theatre Centre is a vibrant, multicultural entertainment hub in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. Nestled under the striking Devil’s Peak mountain and at the foot of the University of Cape Town, the Baxter boasts a world-class theatre and concert hall, as well as a studio stage, rehearsal rooms, offices, a restaurant and bars and an impressive spacious foyer.

Built in 1976, the Baxter was a pillar of hope during the apartheid era. By leveraging its strong relationship with UCT, the theatre was able to present multiracial, progressive work at a time when all other non-racial interactivity was banned or censored. The first interracial kiss ever on a South African stage took place during the Baxter’s first production of Miss Julie in 1985, while today our version of Mies Julie storms theatres all around the world.


Christine Thoko Ntshinga
John Bongile Mantsai
Mies Julie Hilda Cronje


Written and Directed by Yaël Farber
Music Composed and Performed by Daniel and Matthew Pencer
Produced by The Baxter Theatre Centre at the University of Cape Town and the South African State Theatre
Singer and Musician: Tandiwe Nofirst Lungisa
Stage Manager: Helena Erasmus
Set and Lighting Design: Patrick Curtis
Original Lighting Design: Paul Abrams
Costumes: Birrie Le Roux
Touring Production and Lighting Manager: Michael Maxwell


  • Location: Emerson/Paramount Center Mainstage
  • Based on Miss Julie by: August Strindberg
  • Written and Directed by: Yael Farber
  • Series: Pioneer
  • Ages: 16+ (nudity/sexual content)
  • Running Time: 90 minutes with no intermission