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The Peculiar Patriot

The Peculiar Patriot

A love story from both sides of the bars.

OCT 17 - 28, 2018

Audience Raves

"If you’re in the Boston area you have to check out Liza Jessie Peterson’s The Peculiar Patriot" - @DiggsWayne
"DOPE evening of theatre...an incredible play. It’s a powerful and provocative piece on criminal justice and racism." - @SMGebru
"Don’t walk, RUN to see #PeculiarPatroit...one of the most moving pieces I’ve seen in a while. Ground-shaking good ." - @AudreySeraphin
"Very powerful" - @Danfrmbourque
"Beautiful, graceful, provocative show exploring incarceration." - @gbenaharon
"Don't miss this fabulous eye opening one woman play. Her performance is riveting and this play will haunt you because it is real." - Mari Adams
"Amazing performance; Eye-opening message about the racial inequities of the prison system." - Wade Robbins

Critical Praise

★★★★★ "The best way to truly care about a nation is to heal it, and Liza Jessie Peterson’s solo play about black love, female friendship and the perversions of state power is a gorgeous part of that work."
- Time Out New York
"This powerful solo show, is delivering a richly layered, all-out performance of the sort you tend to remember."
- The Boston Globe
"Timely, enlightening, but perhaps most importantly - moving."
- EDGE Media
"Peterson is able to melt smiles into tears and turn silence into laughter."
- The Suffolk Journal
“Liza is connecting people inside and outside America’s prison system, and she’s doing it with humor, empathy and compassion.”
- Minneapolis Star Tribune
“It’s too warm to be chilling, too poetic to be bleak, and too honest to be forgotten.”
- Theatre Pizzazz
“The Peculiar Patriot excels at visceral moments… even as it builds a strong case against the mass incarceration of African Americans and the effects of a racially skewed justice system.”
- The New York Times
“A blistering critique of the American criminal justice system.”
- Broadway World

Local Interviews & Previews

"A tale of prison injustice, told from the inside out"
- The Boston Globe
Brian Schactman Interview with Liza Jessie Peterson
- NECN/NBC Boston
Sunday October 14, 2018: The Peculiar Patriot Play Using Drama and Humor on Mass Incarceration
Interview with Liza Jessie Peterson
- WCVB-TV “CityLine”
Voices with Pebbles: Liza Jessie Peterson
- WBQT-FM “Voices”