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The Magic Flute

The Magic Flute

Cape Town artists reimagine Mozart's glorious opera as a joyous, dance-filled classic.

NOV 6 - 10, 2019

Critical Praise

“Isango has created a global village, where cultures blend and joy unfolds.”
- The Boston Globe
"The vocal talent and musicality of Isango Ensemble is astounding.”
"There is a spiritual fusing of traditions here that adds a whole new dimension to what we consider opera.”
- Theatre Mirror
“This morality tale was given a whole new lease on life."
" If you think you’ve seen the definitive “Magic Flute” sometime in the past, think again. This was the “Magic Flute” of the present and the future."
- South Shore Critic
“Few productions can match the colorful exuberance and pulsating energy of this Flute, or field as versatile a cast as this, in which every member sings, dances and drums."
- The New York Times
★★★★★ "Thrillingly, heart-burstingly alive"
- Financial Times
★★★★★ "Musical Magic"
- Time Out
★★★★★ "Stunning"
- Sunday Express
"A brilliant, spirit-lifting, wildly inspired and wholly seamless fusion of European and African traditions."
- The Chicago Sun Times
"A sense of celebration and resilience, that seems to encapsulate the human spirit at its best."
- The TeleGraph UK
"You haven’t heard Mozart until he’s been played on marimbas”
"Infectious, pulsating performance”
- The Washington Post
"Leaves you with a rare sense of life-enhancing joy"
- Sunday Times UK

Audience Raves

"I took my 16 year old grandson and we both loved it! Really wonderful, goosebumps and all." - Lynn N., Facebook