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Let Each One Go Where He May

Directed by Ben Russell with Benjen Pansa, Monie Pansa


Director Ben Russell in Person
Boston Premiere   2009, U.S./Suriname
Ben Russell’s increasingly ambitious films are among the most notable developments in 21st century avant-garde cinema. In Film Comment’s end of decade poll Russell’s name ranked high in a list of leading lights, and it was his feature film debut, Let Each One Go Where He May, that announced without question that Russell’s voice and project were to define the direction that a significant strand of experimental cinema would take in the new century.

Let Each One Go Where He May traces the extensive journey of two unidentified brothers who venture from the outskirts of Paramaribo, Suriname over land and through rapids, past a Maroon village on the Upper Suriname River, in a rehearsal of the voyage undertaken by their ancestors who escaped from slavery at the hands of the Dutch 300 years prior. A path still traveled to this day, its changing topography bespeaks a diverse history of forced migration.” - Andréa Picard, Toronto International Film Festival

As traced by critic Michael Sicinski, the film’s heritage includes Maya Deren and Jean Rouch’s ethnographic impulses and “political poetics,” while its vision forges a new path marked by a heady balance of rigor and openness, as demonstrated by a circumscribed thirteen shot structure whose seemingly straightforward form boasts unpredictably intricate, bravura Steadicam choreography which transcends the long take in thrilling fashion.
Co-presented with the Film Study Center, Harvard University.

Let Each One Go Where He May

Let Each One Go Where He May Let Each One Go Where He May

Let Each One Go Where He May

Dec. 12 @ 7pm

Bright Family Screening Room



$10. $7.50 for Members. $5 for Students.



Running Time:

135 minutes


Color, 16mm

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