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Nov 19 - 23, 2014

REVIEW - Boston Globe

“The cast members hurl themselves into the enterprise with an imaginative zeal that makes use of ordinary objects — a sheet, burlap, a length of cloth, flashlights, bottles, umbrellas — to create striking theatrical and musical effects.”
“A beguiling, family-friendly tale”
“Likably big-hearted”
“The PigPen lads know how to tell a story”

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REVIEW - Time Out New York

“A transcendent theatrical experience for all ages”

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REVIEW - Theatermania

“Extraordinarily imaginative, wonderfully written, beautifully produced”
“A rare example of true theater magic”
“Toe-tapping indie-folk music, accomplished puppetry and shadow play, and a touching story”
“An immensely satisfying, illuminating production”
“The stage fills with a whole new kind of magic”

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REVIEW - The New York Times

“[PigPen] asks us to appreciate the finer arts of wild storytelling, while speaking to the childish mind in all of us”
“The production comes up with an eye-popping series of special effects”

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REVIEW - The Huffington Post

“Rousing, silly, sweet and bursting with good songs”
“I'm crazy about PigPen and soon you will be too”
“If you saw it before, you'll want to see it again. If you haven't, now's the time”

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REVIEW - Examiner.com

“If there is one show not to miss this fall, The Old Man and The Old Moon is it”
“Watching The Old Man and The Old Moon is like visiting the best times of your childhood”

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REVIEW - Broadway World

“Immerse yourself in the folk music and storytelling theatrical magic of The Old Man and The Old Moon
“T he PigPen guys will draw you into their imaginative world of shadow puppets, sailboats, and swordplay
“A good, old-fashioned story presented in a good, old-fashioned style

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REVIEW - WBUR's The Artery

"It’s a great little piece to introduce kids to the theater."
"Shadow puppets, mops as dogs, basic projections all form part of the easily engaging storytelling."
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REVIEW - Playbill

The Old Man and The Old Moon is outshining some of the neons on 42nd Street”
“It's inventive and fun, but B.Y.O.I. (Bring Your Own Imagination)”

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REVIEW - Vulture

“Every once in a while, a new group of absurdly talented young performers band together and show us how delightfully uninhibited, how effortlessly inventive, how unapologetically and unpretentiously playful theater can be”

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REVIEW - Chicago Tribune

“A group of handsome, musically talented young men”
“Anyone with teenage daughters or granddaughters [should] order an extra ticket”
“Tuneful and potent”

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REVIEW - Chicago Theater Beat

“A joyous evening of visual and sonic beauty”
“Charm, innovation and a folksy, sincere jubilance”
“Their sound evokes the rolling, retro-raucous harmonies of the Lumineers or Mumford and Sons”
“The ballads are steeped in a gorgeous melancholy that makes the heart ache”

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REVIEW - Chicago Sun Times

“Seven very attractive, distinctive-looking twenty-something ones who can act, spin a story, sing and play musical instruments”
“A clever...whimsical, artfully handcrafted show”

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REVIEW - Time Out Chicago

“Loaded with charm, inventiveness and visual wit”
“The performers' versatility, both in their acting and their mastery of multiple musical instruments, is as impressive as their undiluted earnestness”

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REVIEW - Chicago Critic

“This epic fable is imaginative storytelling at its best”
“Visually and audibly stunning”
“An adventure well worth taking”

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This Old Man is Animated by Troupe’s DIY Aesthetic
– The Boston Globe

Describing PigPen Theatre Co.’s aesthetic is not always an easy task. Ben Ferguson, one of the seven members of the troupe, likens The Old Man and the Old Moon, a seafaring adventure told as a fable, to “a really good production of a kid’s basement theater show or a show that you put on in your living room for your parents”...

“The Old Man and The Old Moon” — An Old Story, Entertainingly Told
– Arts Fuse

PigPen Theatre Company whips up a diverting, if somewhat thin, mythical mash-up of hootenanny and fairy tale in its latest show, The Old Man and The Old Moon...


Pigpen's "Old Man": Lo-Tech, But Highly Entertaining
– On Boston Stages

The PigPen Theatre Co. is in the best tradition of the traveling troubadours and storytellers who moved from town to town...


A Story Worth Telling: “The Old Man and the Old Moon”
– The New England Theatre Geek

The young men who make up the ensemble of the NYC-based fringe group PigPen Theatre Company have proven themselves to be masterful storytellers with their contemporary folktale-style production of The Old Man and the Old Moon, running until this Sunday at the Paramount Theatre in Downtown Boston...


  • Location: Emerson/Paramount Center Mainstage
  • PigPen Theatre Co. 
  • Series: Pioneer Family 
  • Ages: All Ages 
  • Running Time:  100 minutes with no intermission