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Rock Critic

How To Be a Rock Critic


MAY 11 - 21, 2017

The Boston Globe

"Passion comes through in Erik Jensen’s hyperkinetic, full-throttle portrayal of Bangs”

Jared Bowen, WGBH

"I was nearly jolted out of my seat…this is inspiring, when it’s not unnerving, to be in the presence of such passion."

Theatre Mirror

“Not to be missed”

“[Jensen portrays] Bangs with a beautifully unhinged bravado, perfectly captures the near spiritual experience of what happens when people like Bangs (and me) hear those three chords that unleash the mind-bending power of a truly great rock song.”

Cape Cod times

"Anyone who cares about rock music, or writing, or striving to find meaning in it all, has to see this play."


“This isn’t a review of the show, this is just an all-out recommendation: Go see this show before it ends on May 21st.”

Ryan Spaulding, Music Critic

“So very impressed…. Jensen brings the passion and fury of Bangs to life once more.”

Steve Morse, Music Critic

“I was stunned.”


“Makes music out of one critic's words”

“Lovingly obsessive, occasionally manic…That is to say, it winningly takes on the character of the works on which it’s based.”


“Great show”

Audience comment

“Broke my heart in the best possible way.”
“Such a beautiful and sad story and performance. Wonderfully constructed and subtly played.”

Metro Boston

“There’s no mistaking the meandering, impassioned beat/gonzo journalistic style of Lester Bangs”

Rolling Stone

"The most unlikely theatrical adaptation of rock criticism ever"

LA Weekly

"Fascinating, insightful...as cathartic and inspiring as the best Rock 'n' Roll"

LA Times

“A terrific performance”

“Just try to look away.”