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Apr 09 - 26, 2015


REVIEW: ArtsFuse

“Does what first-rate theater is supposed to do — egg us on to deeper questioning.”


REVIEW: On Boston Stages

“points out problems that arise when personal freedoms meet political restrictions”

On Boston Stages

REVIEW: Broadway World

“Guy Ben-Aharon directs a stellar cast of top-shelf Boston actors in this important play”
“Intense performances”
“A provocative work”

Broadway World

Interview: Four Questions with Guy Ben-Aharon, Director and Founder of Israeli Stage

It’s been amazing to see how effective our work has been. People have been so responsive.


REVIEW: The Jewish Journal

“Not about politics but about humanity and our treatment of fellow human beings.”
“Taut, emotionally and intellectually engaging”
“Highly recommended, but come prepared to be challenged”

The Jewish Journal

REVIEW: Jewish Advocate

“Israeli Stage’s glistening opener instantly stamps the young  company as a unique and vital destination on the Hub theater map.”
“Expert direction” + “radiant design”
“Alarming intensity”

REVIEW: The Boston Globe

"charged with urgency"

"a promising debut for[Israeli Stage]"

The Boston Globe

REVIEW: Metro West Daily News

“Thought provoking drama”

Metro West Daily News

REVIEW: South Shore Critic

"Impressive" + "Subversive" - South Shore Critic

South Shore Critic


“Masterfully Navigates Politics And Metaphor”
“both compellingly themed and masterfully acted”


PREVIEW: The Boston Globe: With ‘Ulysses on Bottles,’ a leap for Israeli Stage – The Boston Globe

TLV1 Radio: On January 2nd, 2015, Director Guy Ben-Aharon went on air with TLV1 Radio to talk about Israeli Stage, its mission and passion for Israeli culture and Ulysses on Bottles. Check it out at Israeli Theatre Abroad – TLV1 Radio Ulysses

The Artery: It’s the North American premiere of Gilad Evron’s 2012 Israel Theater Prize winner centered on questions of absolute morality and personal freedom. The play introduces strange bedfellows whose shared mattress is a prison. One is the title character, an Israeli-Arab teacher arrested for illegally entering Gaza on a raft of bottles, ostensibly to bring the gift of Russian literature. The other is the Israeli-Jewish attorney who takes his case pro bono. Israeli Stage artistic director Guy Ben-Aharon helms a crackerjack cast made up of Jeremiah Kissel, Will Lyman, Karen MacDonald, Ken Cheeseman, and Daniel Berger-Jones. – The Artery



  • Location: The Jackie Liebergott Black Box at the Emerson/Paramount Center
  • Directed by: Guy Ben-Aharon
  • Translated by: Evan Fallenberg
  • Playwright: Gilad Evron
  • Featuring: Jeremiah Kissel, Will Lyman, Karen MacDonald, Daniel Berger-Jones and Ken Cheeseman
  • Ages: 13+
  • Running Time: 75 Minutes