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Machine de Cirque


SEP 21 - OCT 2, 2016

Boston Globe

“IMMENSELY GIFTED PERFORMERS. The ensemble is constantly upping the ante. Your mouth will be agape at times. At other times you’ll likely find yourself wearing a goofy smile as a quartet of high-spirited circus artists and one energetic percussionist team up to deliver AN INSPIRED PERFORMANCE OF ACROBATICS AND BROAD COMEDY.”


"INTOXICATINGLY EUPHORIC! There’s everything here: the great acrobatic feats, he comedy, the sincerity, and terrific music! I FOUND MYSELF BEAMING LIKE AN IDIOT – I WAS JUST SO HAPPY TO BE THERE."

Boston Events Insider

★★★★★ “A thrilling balance of musical genius, laugh-out-loud funny, vulnerable humanism, and mind-blowing acrobatic skill.”

“Exuberant humanism”

Joyce's Choices

"“The towels were all that kept them from being in the ‘all together’ and me from having a heart attack.”

“I know energy cannot be created or destroyed– but I’m betting the laws of physics were somehow violated.”

Edge Media Network

"Machine de Cirque is a talented group of artists... even when only wearing bath towels."

NECN Center Stage

"Machine de Cirque...taps into the human spirit, combining strong performance with comedy and live music"

"wacky, endearing characters who have a knack for improvisation"

South Shore Critic

"MADCAP FUN! In just ninety swiftly-passing minutes, this quintet manages countless feats that defy description. The perfect antidote to electoral stress. The towel scene alone is the funniest, bawdiest, and most brilliant visual ever conceived. HEAD FOR THE THEATER WHILE THERE'S STILL TIME."


"Merci @ArtsEmerson pour les billets offert @QuebecBoston ce qui nous a permis de voir les talentueux @Machinedecirque!"


"Machine de Cirque is delightful"


"If someone looked at me the way Yohann Trépanier looks at a bicycle, I could die happy."


"You GUYS this show was soooo amazing!!"


"Wow. Damn...Just go."

Boston Globe Preview