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The Second Life of Dragon

The Return of the Dragon


APR 10–27, 2021

The Return of the Dragon is a co-presentation of ArtsEmerson and REDCAT (Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater).

Dragón, Guillermo Calderón's latest work for the stage, is a story about a group of artists who meet to begin creating the work that should anoint them as undeniable forces of nature in the avant-garde theater community. The plot provides a window, a reflection, on opportunism and violence written by the internationally renowned Chilean playwright and director. In The Return of the Dragon, Calderón has developed a new audiovisual vision that adopts the format of a micro-documentary, expressly made in the context of the new circumstances of confinement. The action is set against the compelling topics Dragón introduces as well as the artistic and cultural references at the core of the show, while juxtaposing them against the context of Chile's current political situation compounded by the consequences of the pandemic.

This video was recorded during the quarantine in Santiago de Chile in June 2020, and it includes documentation from mobile phones.

Post show Q&A panelists: Jennifer Thompson, Ximena Sánchez, and Guillermo Calderon.


Dragón, la última obra teatral de Guillermo Calderón, es una historia sobre un grupo de artistas que se encuentran para crear la obra que debe consagrarlos. La trama da pie a una reflexión sobre el oportunismo y la violencia escrita por el dramaturgo y director chileno de larga trayectoria internacional. En La Segunda Vida de un Dragón, Guillemo Calderón propone una nueva apuesta audiovisual que adopta el formato de una especie de microdocumental, realizada expresamente en las nuevas circunstancias de confinamiento, que trata sobre Dragón y cruza las referencias al espectáculo con el contexto político del Chile actual y las consecuencias de la pandemia.

Este video fue grabado durante la cuarentena en Santiago de Chile en junio de 2020, e incluye registros de teléfonos móviles.

“[Calderon is] Chile's most acclaimed playwright-director of the last two decades."

— Reed Johnson, L.A. Times

“But there’s a freshness and forcefulness to Calderón’s work, which marries the urgency of politics to the playful joy of theatremaking.”

— American Theatre


Playwright and director, Calderón wrote and directed Neva, Diciembre, Clase, Villa, Discurso, Escuela, Kuss, Beben, Goldrausch and B. He has been invited to debut Beben, and Kuss in Düsseldorf, as well as staging English versions of Neva, Villa and Discurso, at venues such as New York’s Public Theater, The Center Theater Group, in Los Angeles, and the Edinburgh International Festival. His productions have been shown in more than 25 countries. In 2017 the Royal Court Theater, in London, produced his piece B. He co-wrote for the screen Violeta se fue a los Cielos, directed by Andrés Wood, as well as El Club and Neruda, both by Pablo Larraín.