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FEB 20 - MAR 6, 2016


“Children’s entertainment that consciously seeks to also keep grownups amused”


“I’m not talking about the kind of smirky, strained inside jokes found in the 'Shrek' movies, but rather a certain self-aware wit that is evident from the start. Playwright Suh understands that teens and preteens simultaneously need and dread attention. He gets the paradoxical impulses to stand out and disappear, nicely captured in an early outburst by Violet that amounts to a universal cry of adolescence … 'I wanna be ‘SPECIAL’ but I don’t wanna be ‘DIFFERENT.’' 'WONG KIDS' is both.”


“Has the pace and wild inventiveness of a long afternoon spent chasing around with a playmate, making up an adventurous narrative as you go."

“Speaks to children in their own language, but the show will also give adults a nostalgic smile.”

“Stuffed with music, puppetry, dance, a cadre of colorful villains and a pair of young heroes”

“Never loses sight of the fact that the story takes place in young imaginations”


“The show borrows visual conventions from cartoons, rendering the scary parts deliciously scary, and aural conventions from the movies, because doesn’t every superhero space quest need a soaring underscore?”

“But “The Wong Kids” embeds its messages in fun, and its insistence on being extraordinary proves the upside of standing out.”

“Lloyd Suh’s exuberantly imaginative adventure for children”

“The magic of Ralph B. Peña’s production comes from its theatricality: live actors, inventively simple sets by Meredith Ries and whimsical puppets by David Valentine”


“Older kids who love Star Wars and superheroes are going to adore Violet and Bruce Wong”

“The production hooks the audience from the very first moments”

“A great experience for families"


“It’s all there in the ArtsEmerson and Ma-Yi Theatre presentation of The Wong Kids in the Secret of the Space Chupacabra Go!”

“Should hold the interests of adults and children alike.”


"A delicious sci-fi spoof...equally rewarding for all ages"

"It's a Children's Theatre show to which you really don't have to bring a child, partially because it does such a great job of helping you get back in touch with the kid inside yourself."

"one of the funniest, most enjoyable productions I've experienced"

“Who knew that saving the universe could be so much fun?”

“(Lloyd) Suh has crafted a gem of a script”

“Their internal and external friction creates a propulsive energy that drives the production forward”


““Wong Kids” has striking design, including temporarily blinding lights, monstrous voices and scenic elements that literally set the stage for a cosmic journey.”

“(Lloyd)Suh’s clever piece broadens the repertory of roles available to Asian-American actors, but that’s only one reason to recommend it.”

“The many messages in “Wong Kids” include ones about diversity… In fact, the villain wants to reduce the universe to dust so that everything and everyone will be the same.”

“We can be thankful for their differences. These “Wong Kids” have got the right stuff.”


""The Wong Kids” isn’t only fun, but portrays themes of the importance of family, and accepting yourself for who you are, and the talents you have. By the end of the play, “The Wong Kids” realize that being different isn’t only okay, but that it’s important."

“ the play is weird, yet vibrant, and gives a new twist to the adventure and excitement of children’s plays with its use of space creatures, superpowers, talking rocks, and puppets”

“Suh’s script is full of wit and humor, which the actors remarkably execute.”

“While it is a children’s play, Adults and young theatergoers are sure to enjoy it just as much.”


"a wildly inventive interplanetary odyssey complete with space creatures and levitating rocks."


“The title is just as weird as the show, but it doesn’t even come close to giving you an idea of how much fun is in store.”

“Lloyd Suh's script sparkles with humor and wit, and all the actors execute it with impressive skill." 

“...there's a solid message of celebrating differences and of liking yourself for the talents you do have, even if they seem "lame" to others.”


“an exuberant and wild ride”

“a space odyssey with lots of laughs, with talking rocks and singing dragons”

“The piece has a worthy and well-meaning message”

“This is an inventive show that takes a swipe at stereotypes with aplomb”


“This is an inventive show that had my 10 year old son at times in stitches, and it’s engaging for adults as well.”

“talented, appealing, versatile cast”

“This is one of the best and most original Off Broadway family productions I’ve seen in some time”

“it will resonate and entertain on many memorable levels.”


  • Audio Described performance - SUN, FEB 28 @ 1PM
  • American Sign Language interpreted performance - SAT, MAR 5 @ 2PM
  • Performances with Traditional Chinese character Mandarin supertitles:
    Wednesday, March 2
    Thursday, March 3
    Friday, March 4
    Saturday, March 5 @ 8PM
    Sunday, March 6


  • Location: Emerson/Paramount Mainstage
  • Ages: 8+
  • Run Time: 90 minutes with no intermission
  • Welcome to Boston Cast Party: TUE, FEB 16th @ 5:30PM



  • Presented by: Ma-Yi Theater Company
  • Written by: Lloyd Suh
  • Directed by: Ralph B. Peña
  • Co-Created with Children’s Theatre Company
    and in partnership with The Ensemble Studio Theatre