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JUL 8 - AUG 2, 2015

The White Rhino Report 
"ArtsEmerson is giving us a White Christmas in July."
"I have never been so moved by a rendition of 'God Bless America.'"
"As I lie down in my bed this evening waiting for sleep to overtake me, two of the blessings I will be enumerating are Hershey Felder and ArtsEmerson.  I just returned from spending two magical hours at the Cutler Majestic Theatre as Hershey Felder recreated a century's worth of life as seen through the eyes and played through the fingers of Irving Berlin."
The Jewish Advocate 
"Captures both the pain and the pleasure of a remarkable 101 year life"
"If 'Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin' is a profile in courage, it also stands as a thoughtful examination of the composer’s approach to songwriting."
WBUR The Artery - REVIEW
"A wonderful theater experience"
"We don’t just get a brisk, captivating tour through Berlin’s songbook (and what a songbook! The man wrote more than 200 Top 10 tunes, among them 25 number one hits), we get a musical diary of Berlin’s century-long lifetime."

Broadway World - REVIEW
"[Berlin's] music has stood the test of time. Lucky for us that Hershey Felder continues to honor his legacy."
The Boston Globe - REVIEW
"A warm portrait of an unassuming genius"

On Boston Stages - REVIEW
"Hershey Felder at his finest"
"There is something very magical about an entire theater swaying together as it sings along with Felder to timeless pieces such as “Blue Skies,” “Always” and “White Christmas.”
"A warm, wonderful musical portrait of a man who wore his love for his adopted country on his musical sleeve."
Boston Arts Diary - REVIEW
“The depiction and Felder’s musical interpretations are, from soup to nuts, pitch perfect.”
“Felder is not only a great conveyor of the main character in question, but he is, as well, a hilarious renderer of the cast of unseen supporting actors and actresses in the various tales he tells.”
“Funny and vivid at the same time.”
The Boston Globe - PREVIEW
"Berlin’s life reflects a view of America’s melting pot in which assimilation is a great virtue. He was a Russian immigrant who wrote “God Bless America,” a Jew who wrote “White Christmas.” His songs, which also include “There’s No Business Like Show Business” and “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” were hits for artists ranging from Louis Armstrong to Bing Crosby to Ray Charles."

MetroWest Daily News - PREVIEW
“With this show, I hope to tell a really good story about an amazing man who started life as an immigrant, lived through not one but two world wars, and went on to become an American icon whose music helped define the 20th century.”

Los Angeles Times
Critic's Choice! A "remarkable portrait ... richly entertaining and ultimately touching."- Los Angeles Times
Broadway World
"Enriching, humorous and replete with most of the brilliant Berlin tunes ... you do not want to miss a delicious moment of it!" - Broadway World
The Huffington Post
"Hershey Felder is a phenomenon." - The Huffington Post

American Theatre
Performer/Playwright Hershey Felder's Specialty: Conjuring Composers
The OC Register
"A delightful show filled with some of the most iconic American songs of the 20th century." - The OC Register 
San Diego Tribune
"Felder shines as Irving Berlin" - San Diego Tribune 
LA Splash
"...Under Trevor Hay’s tight direction, Hersey Felder’s performance as Irving Berlin is his best so far. His piano playing, in particular, was much more textured than perhaps in some of his other performances, capturing the deceptively simple nuances of Berlin’s music, which underscored the crisp, compelling narrative."
"...Director Trevor May, a longtime collaborator with Hershey Felder, has helped him create the elegance and fluidity in the storytelling, transporting each audience member through the 101 years of Berlin’s life."
"...Once again* the uniquely talented Hershey Felder endears his audience to him with his newest presentation, the life and work of the one and only composer Irving Berlin in Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin. [It's] enriching, humorous and replete with most of the brilliant Berlin tunes."

"...Written and performed by Mr. Felder, this one man show has all the requisites for a compelling theatre experience: irony, insights into the art of composing, tragedy and joy."



  • Location: Emerson/Cutler Majestic Theatre
  • An Eighty Eight Entertainment, Eva Price, Samantha F. Voxakis and Karen Racanelli production
  • Lyrics & Music by Irving Berlin
  • Book by Hershey Felder
  • Performed by Hershey Felder
  • Directed by Trevor Hay
  • Production management Eric Carstensen
  • Ages: All
  • Run Time: 2 hours with no intermission