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Avant-Garde Showcase: An evening with Rose Lowder

All films directed by Rose Lowder


1982-2010, France 
French filmmaker Rose Lowder has been a prolific practitioner of perceptual experiments with 16mm film since the 1970s, most composed in and around her home in the Avignon region of France. A subject of Critical Cinema—Scott MacDonald’s influential collection of interviews with some of the most significant independent filmmakers working in the latter half of the 20th century—Lowder is known for her breathtakingly exquisite and precise explorations of landscape and cityscape using a unique single frame structure.

“I have shot many reels of film, and I build on my past experience, but each reel covers new ground. To me, a project isn't interesting if I know exactly what's going to happen. I could film a flowerpot, but that would be cinematographically totally boring. I want the subject that I'm filming to be living its own life. “ –Rose Lowder

Trained as a painter and sculptor in Peru, Lowder worked in London as an artist while earning a living in the film industry as an editor. In 1982 she co‐founded Light Cone, the leading European distributor of experimental film. Lowder has not visited the United States since the late 1980s and we are thrilled to welcome her for this special visit, the first part of a U.S. tour that will take her from Boston to New York City, Chicago and Milwaukee. Films screened: Bouquets 1-10; Fleur de sel; Les tournesols colorés; Marsh Gardens; Poppies.

Lowder will appear with a different line-up at the Massachusetts College of Art Film Society on February 9th. The Paramount screening includes Boston premieres of Lowder’s most recent work. Special thanks to Tara Nelson for organizing this tour.


An evening with Rose Lowder

An evening with Rose Lowder

Feb. 11 @ 7pm

Bright Family Screening Room



$10. $7.50 for Members. $5 for Students.



Running Time:

66 minutes


Color, 16mm



A fantastical world where the collision of a lovelorn woman, a remorseful mother, and a serial killer who has made a deal with the Devil, results in a daring drama of intertwining monologues.

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The Select (The Sun Also Rises)

The Select

The first world war is over, but some battles still rage on. Elevator Repair Service (GATZ, Sound and the Fury) brings Hemingway's novel to life on a stage littered with liquor bottles and cafe chairs, as the story winds its way through France and Spain.

"Seriously thrilling stuff." — The Scotsman

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