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Mar 05 - 15, 2015


The Boston Globe

"Unfolds like a party to which everyone is invited."
"Dreamlike eroticism"

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Joyce's Choices

“What could be better than a tragic love story on a cold winter night? How about one that’s also funny, hot, and  funky–and will still tear your heart out!?”
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Edge Boston

“delightful mash-up”
“It's a bittersweet feeling that cannot adequately be described, but is also the brilliance of the show. You walk out feeling part of a community, even if it is a community of Unloved.”
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Wicked Local

“its own lively brand of fun and magic.”
“We're teased with some very sexy dance moves and passionate karaoke”
“the evening should thoroughly captivate you”
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White Rhino Report

“An epic journey to see the creatively re-imagined telling of the classic tale of the star-crossed lovers.”

“ArtsEmerson continues their impressive streak of bringing to Boston and to Boston area audiences gifted performers from around the globe.”

“Good art helps us to see familiar things or stories or circumstances in new ways.  This production succeeds spectacularly in this way.” 

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New England Theatre Geek

“The Cutler Majestic was transformed into a nightclub and we watched the action onstage with the voyeurism of a mystic into her crystal ball. Their acting was superb but their ability to maintain this private world as they enticed the audience into it, even while engaging us, was better”
“What I loved most about this production, above and beyond the fantastical elements of dance, costume and wire work, was the honesty of its presentation.”
“Kneehigh hits it directly on the head.”

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"Shakes us out of our role as passive observers and reminds us of the euphoria and the heartbreak love can bring."

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South Shore Critic

"Think Monty Python"

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PREVIEW: The Boston Globe

A story of star-crossed lovers that’s said to have inspired Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” the 12th-century Celtic legend has been adapted many times over the years, most famously in Richard Wagner’s monumental 1865 opera, “Tristan und Isolde.”

REVIEW - The Guardian

"If this show doesn't make you fall in love with theatre, there's no potion on Earth that can help you."

REVIEW - New York Times

A New York Times Critic Pick!

REVIEW – New York Post

"****" (Something that looks like four stars)
"Exhilarating and crushing, tormenting and intoxicating"
"It just doesn't seem possible, let alone right, that a tragic love story could be so fantastically fun..yet here you are, face aching from grinning, at a show based on the medieval tale of passion, power and vengeance that once inspired Wagner's opera "Tristan und Isolde" - itself pretty much the opposite of a hoot."


"visually ravishing."
"Alluring blend of myth and music"

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REVIEW - Theatremania

"Tristan & Yseult is a sensory feast. Each design detail is integral to the story, and brilliantly put to use by Rice and her cast. By the end you'll be willing to follow them anywhere, be it Cornwall, Ireland, or beyond."

REVIEW - Chicago Tribune

"I guarantee you will have a blast."

REVIEW - Berkeley Side

"A raucous, outrageously majestic ride through the complex, ancient tale with nary a misstep."
"Tristan & Yseult asks, and deliciously answers, 1,000-year-old questions relating to love: Can a person love two lovers at one time? What happens when the thin line separating love and hate is blurred and sweet addiction turns into smudgy, hot vengeance? Must we forgive love's betrayal?"
"Graceful, geeky, genuine and jolly, Kneehigh is first-rate theater."




  • Location: Emerson/Cutler Majestic Theatre
  • Created by: Kneehigh
  • Adapted and Directed by: Emma Rice
  • Writers: Carl Grose and Anna Maria Murphy
  • Ages: 10+
  • Running Time: 2 hours and 5 minutes with one 20 minute intermission