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Light Reading presents: Views and Wavelengths


1967-2011 A selection of films and videos screened in 2011 at two of the most highly regarded annual showcases of experimental cinema: The Toronto International Film Festival’s Wavelengths Program and The New York Film Festival’s Views from the Avant-Garde. Featuring five New England filmmakers—some of whom will be in attendance—the program also includes two historical films: Joyce Wieland’s delightful Sail Boat and a gorgeous new print and the Boston premiere of the late Chick Strand’s stunning and posthumously completed Woman with Flowers (Post-production and preservation by the Academy Film Archive). There will be a 10-minute intermission, and a discussion following the show with attending filmmakers.

Films: Sail Boat (Joyce Wieland, 16mm, 3 minutes, 1967); Sea Series #10 (John Price, 35mm, 10 minutes, 2011); A Preface to Red (Jonathan Schwartz, 16mm, 6 minutes, 2011); Optra Field VII-IX (T Marie, Digital Video, 12 minutes, 2011); Woman with Flowers (Chick Strand, 16mm, 15 Minutes, 1995/2011); Posthaste Perennial Pattern (Jodie Mack, 16mm, 4 Minutes, 2010); Berlin Tracks 18h00-20h00 (Shiloh Cinquemani, 16mm, 2 minutes, 2011); Back View (Vincent Grenier, Digital Video, 17 minutes, 2011); Tin Pressed (Dani Leventhal, Digital Video, 6 Minutes, 2011); Forms Are Not Self-Subsistent Substances (Samantha Rebello, 16mm, 22 minutes, 2010); Miniatures (S. Barber, Digital Video, 2 Minutes, 2011); Degas (S. Barber, Digital Video, 1 minute, 2011); The Eclipse (S. Barber, Digital Video, 1 Minute, 2011); Sounding Glass (Sylvia Schedelbauer, Digital Video, 7 minutes, 2011); Twice Removed (Leslie Thornton, Digital Video 9 minutes, 2011); Light Licks: By the Waters of Babylon: I Want to Paint it Black (Saul Levine, 16mm from Super 8, 12 minutes, 2011)

Views and Wavelengths

Views and Wavelengths

Views and Wavelengths

January 21 @ 7pm

Bright Family Screening Room



$10. $7.50 for Members and Seniors. $5 for Students. Emerson Students Free.

Running Time:

126 minutes; There will be a 10-minute intermission, and a discussion following the show with attending filmmakers.


Color and Black and White, 16mm, 35mm and Digital Video