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This is about much more than a medical condition. Sugar is a metaphor and reality related to race, class, gender and health, bringing together storytelling, social commentary and interactive dialogue on the subject of diabetes and health care disparities.

JAN 20 @ 8PM    JAN 21 @ 2PM

69 South

69° S. (The Shackleton Project)

Ernest Shackleton’s 1914 trans-Antarctic expedition is reignited by a contemporary dilemma: a changing environment and the planet’s uncertain future. Theatre, dance, puppetry, photography and film unite in impressionistic and stunning tableaux vivants.

FEB 07 @ 7PM    FEB 08 @ 7:30PM



The energetic and diverse Universes put the state of the Union under the microscope and into the microphone, as they spin harmonies and beatboxing around race, poverty, politics and more, examining our country through Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

MAR 13 @ 7PM    MAR 14 @ 7:30PM

The Andersen Project

The Andersen Project

This off-the-wall masterpiece by Robert Lepage was freely inspired by fables written by Hans Christian Andersen (who didn't really like children) and explores unraveling relationships, personal demons and compromise that comes too late.

MAR 24 @ 8PM    MAR 25 @ 2PM


Tomáš Kubínek

The irresistibly charming Tomáš Kubínek is a self-proclaimed physical poet and verbal acrobat, needless risk-taker, professor of fantastically useless inventions, arduous advocate of the commonplace miracle, certified lunatic and master of the impossible.

MAR 29 @ 7PM   

Sun Also Rises

Café Variations

Charles Mee’s Café Plays combine with music from the American musical songbook under director Anne Bogart. Incorporating dialogue, music and dance, SITI Company will join young artists to render romantic and philosophical stories from the café world.

APR 13 @ 8PM    APR 14 @ 2PM

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