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The Grand Inquisitor

Adapted by Marie-Hélène Estienne : Directed by Peter Brook : With Bruce Myers

The Grand Inquisitor

Theatricalizing one of the most profoundly moral works in all of literature, Brook has created a one-man show of urgency and intensity.

"Peter Brook coined the term Holy Theatre. And, for all its anti-clerical nature, evenings don't come much holier than this …Brook's production and Bruce Myers's performance have an austere grandeur." — The Guardian

Dramatizing the famous passage from Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov that imagines Jesus returning during the Spanish Inquisition, Brook’s minimalist staging of the Inquisitor’s monologue is no less than a naked inquisition of our age, our complicity and our answers to his questions.

If performance is sold out, please check back as seats may become available.



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03.26 Post-Performance Discussion with the Actors at the Paramount Mainstage 

Following the 2pm matinee of The Grand Inquisitor, master actor Bruce Myers will join the audience for a 20 minute question and answer session.

Born in England, Bruce Myers studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art before working at the Liverpool Everyman. In 1968 he became a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, which he left in 1970 to join the International Centre for Theatre Research, created in Paris by Peter Brook. He took part in all the theatre adventures of the Centre. Memorable journeys include: Iran, Orghast for the Festival of Shiraz; crossing Africa from Algiers to Lagos; and a long stay in California working with Luis Valdez’s Teatro Campesino, followed by workshops at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York. In 1977, he performed in The Dibbuk at New York’s Public Theater, then created his own version, Un dibbouk pour deux, in Paris. In 1992 in Lausanne, he directed Le Puits des Saints and in 1993 acted in Quelle Tristesse/La Fin de l’Allée. Myers has participated in nearly all the productions created at the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord. For nearly three years, from 2005 to 2008, he toured around the world in a solo performance created by Peter Brook: The Grand Inquisitor (after Brothers Karamazov by Dostoyevsky). In 2009 he performed in Brook’s Love is My Sin. Recently, he played George Soros in The Power of Yes at the National. On film: Myers played Krishna in the screen version of The Mahabharata. He also appeared inPrésumé Dangereux (1990) by Georges Lautner, Disparus (1998) by Gilles Bourdos and made three films with Michel Deville: Eaux Profondes (1981), Toutes Peines Confondues (1992) and Un Monde Presque Paisible (1997). He made two films with Philip Kaufman: The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1987) and Henry & June (1990). For several years Bruce Myers has directed workshops with students and young actors. His last projects took place in Rome, Turin and Prato. Myers was awarded an Obie and a Time Out award for Dybbuk, and was made a Chevalier des Arts et Lettres in 1991.



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Running Time:

1 hour