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A love letter to black culture, soccer and the beautiful rhythms of life.

MAY 1 - 5, 2019

Audience Raves

"Brilliant, moving, provocative & engaging." - @jcanales
"Ritual transformation through language and sound. Boston come out." - @CathyJEdwards
"Awesome show! ⚽️" ‏- @kingyordvn

Critical Praise

"A poetic and impassioned meditation on race, on racism, and on the experience of immigration that is structured as a hybrid of spoken word, song, dance, video projections, news footage, and game highlights."
- The Boston Globe
"Bring your soccer team, bring your black student union, bring your family, bring your friends. The /peh–LO–tah/ crew have brought something really special to Boston."
- City Living Boston
“As bad as things get, Mr. Joseph wants to find joy and beauty in the world. When an ecstatic howl of “Gooooooooal!” suddenly resonates in the theater, as passionate as a gospel cry, you may find yourself agreeing with him.”

“Life is soccer and soccer is life.”
- New York Times
“They are all experienced, multi-talented individuals, much needed and appreciated in today’s divisive milieu.”
- Art Times Journal
“It’s a whole song composed of nothing but the struggling human breath.”
"The singing is gorgeous. Marc Bamuthi Joseph’s soccer footwork dazzles. This is a labor of love and determination."
- San Franicsco Chronicle
“They pour their sweat into it, playing on double meanings of ‘goal’, ‘pass’ and ‘run’, offering a collage of scenes personal and political.”
- The Chicago Stage Standard


In '/peh-LO-tah/' At ArtsEmerson, Soccer Is A Portal To Larger Societal Questions
The game of soccer becomes the game of life in “/peh-LO-tah/”
- Bay State Banner


"Joseph wants /peh-LO-tah/ to convey the euphoria and excitement many soccer fans feel for the game."
- Soccer meets social justice - Miami Herald
"Joseph is a curator of words, ideas and protagonists...creating works for the body and the mind."
- Articulate, PBS
“Performance artist sees soccer as ‘portal” to larger societal questions”
- Dorchester Reporter
"When I score a goal I feel weightless, I feel raceless...freedom exists in the body"
- Marc Bathumi Joseph, TED Talk
"[It's] the only thing the entire planet can agree to do together. It's the official sport of this spinning ball."
- Chicago Reader