OCT 22–NOV 01, 2020

Join us for the 12th annual Boston Asian American Film Festival, now completely virtual! Tune in to BAAFF to enjoy a wide range of over 50 short films, feature films, documentaries, and panels while supporting your local Asian American Community!

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The Boston Asian American Film Festival (BAAFF), New England's Largest Asian American Film Festival, empowers Asian Americans through film by showcasing Asian American experiences and serving as a resource to filmmakers and the Greater Boston Community. BAAFF is a co-production of the Asian American Resource Workshop and ArtsEmerson.


Alternative Realities

Shorts: Alternative Realities

OCT 22 @ 12:00AM ET – NOV 01 @ 10:00PM ET | $10

113 mins | Filmmaker Q&A to follow

Filmmakers show us their vision of what our malleable realities can become and what possibilities we may evoke. Between shorts about love hypnosis, miscarriage signs, and robot chefs, Alternative Realities sets no barriers for what our world could look like.

Intelligentia | Director: Ken Shinozaki
Tina | Director: Gayatri Bahl
Kumquat Director: Meeni Hardart
The Silent Fall Director: Helen Jung
Searching for the None Director: Jean Louis Droulers
In Sync Director: Eddie Shieh
Make a Wish Director: Dinh Thai
Brunch Wars Director: Kamran Khan
The Chef Director: Hao Zheng
Pussy Talk | Director: Kim Tran
Becoming Eddie | Director: Lilan Bowden


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Queer & Here

Shorts: Queer & Here

OCT 22 @ 12:00AM ET – NOV 01 @ 10:00PM ET  | $10 

94 mins | Filmmaker Q&A to follow

Queer & Here illustrates the multitude and depth of queer experiences and lives. Filmmakers bring us into queer individual’s stories at every stage and turn - from NYC nightclubs, to writing lessons in rural India and to Samoan cookouts - where being queer is just one part of our lives.

The Rogers Director: Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson
About a Short Film Director: Kevin Yee
U for Usha Director: Rohan Parashuram Kanawade
Soba-chan’s Morning  | Director: Vlasov Sergey
Safe Among Stars | Director: Jess Snow
Gentleman Spa  | Director: Jay Lin
Dancing On My Own  | Director: Alexandra N Cuerdo


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Beneath the Surface

Shorts: Beneath the Surface

OCT 22 @ 12:00AM ET – NOV 01 @ 10:00PM ET | $10 

110 mins | Filmmaker Q&A to follow

Challenge your first perceptions and sink into the underlying truths and pasts. From recycling’s global underbelly to a punk café in J-Town LA, Beneath the Surface digs deeper into things that may not be all they seem.

Stranger  | Director: Chen Yang
Detourning Asia/America Director: Valerie Soe
Passage  | Director: Asavari Kumar
Providence  | Director: Daniel Lee
Deeper I Go  | Director: Michael P. Vidler
Dirty Business | Director: Yutao Chen
Growing Pains  | Director: LIN, Po-Yu
The Hole  | Director: Will Kim
Atomic Cafe  | Director: Akira Boch, Tadashi Nakamura

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Ties that Bind

Shorts: Ties that Bind

OCT 22 @ 12:00AM ET – NOV 01 @ 10:00PM ET | $10 

113 mins | Filmmaker Q&A to follow

Through friends, family, and community, we are all bound together in social fabrics spanning vibrant and complicated relationships. Ties that Bind traverses continents, languages, and cultures to explore the connections in between us all.

YAI NIN  | Director: Champ Ensminger
Chicken Director: Emma Li
Mo'o!  | Director: Anela Ling
Felt Love  | Director: Angeline Vu, Arlene Bongco
Keep in Touch | Director: Memie Osuga
WAVES | Director: Jane Hae Kim
Awaken-Film  | Director: Leena Pendharkar
Tri and Khanh  | Director: Daphne Xu
Ahma & Alan  | Director: James Y. Shih
Fugetsu-Do  | Director: Kaia Rose

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Finding Your Way

Shorts: Finding Your Way

OCT 22 @ 12:00AM ET – NOV 01 @ 10:00PM ET | $10 

108 mins | Filmmaker Q&A to follow

Through navigating difficult situations, facing a hostile outside world, or reflecting on previous experiences, we deepen our understanding about ourselves. Finding Your Way showcases these experiences and how they become a catalyst for personal metamorphosis.

Black Ghost Son  | Director: Christopher Low
Representation Director: Jj Querubin
Papaya  | Director: Kayleb Lee
The Outcome  | Director: Lisa Lam
Curtain Call  | Director: Angel Yau
Big Happiness | Director: Da Hee Kim
Michelle | Director: Kenya Gillespie
Yuan Yuan and the Hollow Monster  | Director: Catherine Chen
Extra Credit  | Director: Angel Yau
Si (only available through Oct. 25)  | Director: Thomas Percy Kim
But You're Not Black  | Director: Danielle Ayow

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