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En Attendant Godard

Directed by William Brown
With Alex Chevasco, Hannah Croft, Kristina Gren

En Attendant Godard

Annie and Alex—who claims he is Godard’s son—travel through western Europe simultaneously searching for the great director and enacting his cinema. Playfully romping from Belmondo impersonations to street interviews (British pedestrians along London’s South Bank are queried, “Have you heard of Jean-Luc Godard? Have you seen any of his films?”) to recreations of Contempt’s pillow talk, En Attendant Godard is at turns clever, mischievous and reverential.

Jonathan Rosenbaum named the film one of his top five in Sight and Sound’s 2009 survey, admiring its nervy “inquiry into how Godard’s example might inform and apply to contemporary film-making.”

Editing flourishes interspersed throughout imitate the once radically disjunctive Godardian cutting that has become so ordinary today, and a sober final scene calls for a cinema that asks questions, that does more than just tell a story, that is illegible and meaningful at the same time.

En Attendant Godard

En Attendant Godard En Attendant Godard En Attendant Godard

En Attendant Godard

Sep. 25 @ 9:30PM

Bright Family Screening Room



$10, $7.50 for Members


Unrated. 14+

Running Time:

95 minutes


Color, DigiBeta



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