The End of TV

A quest for connection amid the static.

JAN 16 - 27, 2019

Critical Praise

- The Boston Globe
“I watched, mouth nearly agape, as the heights of emotion were conveyed through the essence of storytelling: Image and song. Although it’s all far more ingenious than that. I can't believe how captivating it was, how emotional it was."
- Jared Bowen, WGBH
"Creative, unique, fascinating, humorous and touching, this is a work that will capture your heart."
- Boxing Over Broadway
"Brilliant cinematic storytelling...another feat of extraordinary and highly creative artistry."
- Boston and Beyond
- The Arts Fuse
- Capital Critics' Corner
"Quite unlike anything I have seen on stage. "
- The Theatre Times
- DIG Boston
"Visually stunning.... you should grab the opportunity to experience this one of a kind group while they are in Boston."
- Edge Media Network
"A beautiful and transfixing examination of the effects of the industrial age."
- Chicago Reader
"CHICAGOANS OF THE YEAR: Manual Cinema have created a whole new art form"
- The Chicago Tribune
"This is a company used to stitching together new works out of disparate parts and used to being surprised, pleasantly, by what it has made."
- The New York Times on Manual Cinema's "Frankenstein"
"Manual Cinema has long been based in Chicago, but the word is very much out nationally…"
- The Chicago Tribune
“The End of TV’s artistry is awesome. Its impact is profound, unique, indescribable.”
- Hartford Courant
“A fascinating theatergoing experience blending live music, old TV video clips and shadow puppetry”
- New Haven Register
“The audience gets to experience . . . a moment of live artistic creation, playing out on the stage in front of them, with little to hide and lots to show”
- New Haven Independent
“Akin to a behind-the-scenes look of the making of a movie, with the film itself made in real time”
- Hyperallergic

Audience Raves

"The overhead projector is relevant again! Thank you ArtsEmerson for bringing Manual Cinema to Boston. Especially enjoyed the music in this show."
- @_wickedstage
"Blessings on Manual Cinema for making the most beautiful, affecting theater and many thanks to ArtsEmerson for continually bringing them back to Boston!"
- @Khemingway
"It's magical!"
- @Harold Rudolph on Facebook
"I was mesmerized...definitely see it while it’s in Boston!!"
- Matthew Tambiah on Facebook

Local Previews

"Boston’s most unique show."
- Metro
"A feat of artistic dexterity."
- Bay State Banner