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Everything is reversible, including the past.

SEP 6 - 24, 2017

Motion and emotion lift ‘Reversible’ to hypnotic heights
- The Boston Globe

"The collective virtuosity of this troupe is something to see — and, crucially, to feel."

"However stylized their poses and unattainable their skills (for us mortals, anyway), The 7 Fingers always make you feel like a welcome guest at their party. Theirs is a gratifyingly inclusive and democratic artistry."

"it absolutely pierces the heart."


"The 7 Fingers are always so innovative and inventive!"

"There is every reason to revel in Reversible!"

"It leaves you reeling..."

WBUR The Artery

"There’s something very raw about circus."

"Fully embraces a foundation of emotional connection and experimentation."

Reversible at ArtsEmerson is a Must-See Circus (5 stars)
- Boston Events Insider

"You’ll be stunned...an easy 5 stars and a must see."

Boston Arts Diary

"An exquisitely conceived, choreographed and performed piece of acrobatic theater – touched lightly with narrative – by the ever-innovative Montreal circus troupe."

"endlessly entertaining"

"brilliant choreography"

"one of the best 7 Fingers performances...not to be missed."

White Rhino Report

"The stories that the artists tell through their circus arts relate to who they are - and who we are - as human beings - on the outside and on the inside."

"In performing death-defying acts offers hope in this season of political and social upheaval that our differences can be healed and our chasms can be bridged."

On Boston Stages

"The emotion with which the troupe performs easily transfers itself to the audience, triggering an ever-increasing response to the jaw-dropping feats of strength, daring,and athleticism." "The overall effect...is to create a world of wonder, in which nothing seems impossible, in which the incredible becomes almost mundane."

"Emotional, thrilling, funny, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, and always, always entertaining."

South Shore Critic

"All were superb in their timing and execution from the moment the show began until its stunning finale ninety minutes later."

Edge Media Network

"the artists captivate the audience"


"Julien Silliau moves the German wheel with the performing ease of a Fred Astaire...Emi Vauthey demonstrates a kind of magical command of a trio of gold-colored hula hoops..."

"The Seven Fingers deserve a well-extended hand."

Bay State Banner

“A definite must see... great evening of thrilling and stylish production"

@TheSweeteryB, Twitter

“Phenomenally beautiful. The human body - stunning. Everyone see this."

@FortPointer, Twitter


Montreal Gazette (Jim Burke), Montréal Dec 2016

“There are no wires needed for the eight acrobats of Réversible as they hurl themselves through the windows and doors of three constantly revolving house fronts with Buster Keaton-like aplomb.”

“Its combination of spectacular circus, appealing fresh-faced personalities, goodnatured comedy and bittersweet invoking of lost loved ones make for a healthy alternative to the traditional Christmas glitz and glitter.”

Claude Deschênes, Avenues (Canada), Dec 2016

"A finely tuned ballet. A good excuse to talk about your grandparents or your great-grandparents to your children."

Mélanie Vibrac, Sors-Tu (Canada), Dec 2016

"Breathtaking physical grace"

Vanessa Guimond, Le Journal de Montréal (Canada), Dec 2016

"What beauty! Run! A modern and poetic show where circus arts, music and dance coexist perfectly. This company, one that showcases Quebec around the world, is something to be proud of."

Isabelle Paré, Le Devoir (Canada), Dec 2016

"The circus troupe asserts more than ever its unique and by now unmistakable style."

Planète Québec (Canada), Dec 2016

"Elegant, like a poem of the stage"

Jean Siag, La Presse (Canada), Dec 2016

"A show filled with sweet softness and melancholy that speaks of the passing of time, of our ancestor’s legacies, and of our own quest to find our bearings."

QuébecSpot (Canada), Dec 2016

"A great work, intense and full of meaning"

Go’Met (Dominique Villanueva), Marseille, Jan 2017

"Accompanied by a superb soundtrack, Réversible takes the audience on an extraordinary journey, at once sensual and energetic, in which the past nourishes the present."

Théâtrorama (Ange Lise Lapied), Marseille, Jan 2017

"The show will speak to children just as, on different levels, it speaks to their elders. Here, resilient generations meet—generations who are able to break through walls to keep history in motion."