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Self Made Cameraman
APR 02–04, 2021

In 1912, the first Estonian filmmaker, Johannes Pääsuke, was commissioned to capture life and people in a far corner of Estonian countryside: Setomaa. He returned with more than 1300 photos, but only 7 minutes of film footage. What happened to the rest of it? Self Made Cameraman is a comedy that tries to propose a version.

Johannes Pääsuke and his assistant Harri Volter, a Baltic German medical student, played by prominent Estonian comedians Ott Sepp and Märt Avandi, travel by train and on horse carriage from Tartu to Petseri and Värska and end up in most surreal adventures leading them to one conclusion: a man has to do what a man has to do. A year later, in 1913, Johannes Pääsuke filmed the very first Estonian feature film: Bear Hunt in the Pärnu County.

Followed by Q&A with director Hardi Volmer.

About Boston Baltic Film Festival

Boston Baltic Film Festival is happy to present a virtual Spring Mini Festival featuring three films (one from each of the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), over three weekends in April, followed by interviews with the filmmakers. World-class feature films and documentaries for all generations offer a unique opportunity to get to know the Baltic soul - creative, reflective, adventurous and rebellious. Organized by American Latvian National League and Baltic Film Committee, in collaboration with ArtsEmerson.

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