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In the Eruptive Mode

In the Eruptive Mode

These are voices of the Arab Spring.

JAN 24 - 28, 2018

A stirring ‘In the Eruptive Mode’ at ArtsEmerson
-Boston Globe

“Exerts a hypnotic spell, bringing to life the voices of women caught up in the wave of popular uprisings that became known as the Arab Spring.”

WBUR previews In The Eruptive Mode

“I think that resonates incredibly with the #MeToo movement... of going from nameless to someone who has the audacity to define who they are.”

The Boston Globe interviews the creators of In The Eruptive Mode

“It’s my work that marks me as an outsider, I think. That’s a good thing."

Al Akhbar, Lebanese Daily On Truth In Art

“. . . a heavy dose of political courage and mental clarity.”

Le Monde Diplomatique In Tunisia, Theatre Refracts

“. . .has the effect of a seismic shock.”