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To The Source

To The Source

Recovering a culture, one song at a time.

JAN 30 - FEB 3, 2019

Critical Praise

“The ensemble’s embodiment of the many voices that made up its inspiration brought us closer together, with every song.”
- Lauren Dubowski, The Theatre Times

International Press

"A masterpiece that marvels with the harmony of its sounds and the voices of its five performers. Kaim hits the nail on the head with just the right amount of force. Maćko Prusak surpassed himself in a riveting choreography that captivates with its energy and vitality."
-Sabina Misakiewicz, Przyśpiewki z wachlarzem emocji, dzielnicewroclawia.pl
"A show such as this one restores one's faith in theater"
- Zofia Gołubiew, Drobiazgi kultury, Dziennik Polski nr 275
"Uncanny emotional intensity"
-Katarzyna Szatko, Fonosfera arche, teatrdlawas.pl