A magical house party of the greatest proportion.

SEP 27 - OCT 1, 2017

On an empty stage, a house is conjured from thin air. Residents move in, move out, clean up, burn down, sweep under, paint over, fence off and move on — and all the while, they live among the traces of residents present, past and future. Geoff Sobelle’s HOME is a house party of the greatest proportion, telling the story of a house, and showing what it means to create home.

A magical, large-scale spectacle built from the ground up, HOME combines illusion, live music, home-spun engineering and an inventive use of audience interaction to compose an experience that asks, where is home? If it is not a place, what is home? HOME explores — and explodes — the relationship between “house” and “home,” and it invites audiences to think twice about the physical and emotional bonds that connect us.

After Friday and Saturday's evening performances, join us in the Emerson Paramount Center's Randall Lobby to grab a drink with the artists and chat about the performance.

"Sobelle's work is astonishing."
- SF Gate

"Geoff Sobelle is a true alchemist. He weaves a rich golden glow over each performance, with just the raw materials of illusion, invention, romance and whimsy."
- David Dower, ArtsEmerson